When it comes to having a family, one of the most important decisions parents make is choosing a city where they will raise their children. Finding a location that is safe, close to reputable schools and stone throw away from a good paying job is no easy task. For those who have the freedom to start a family in a new place, there are a few cities that you should be knowledgeable about before making a big move.

Boston ranks high as one of the top ten cities to raise a family in the United States. Not only does it have great sports teams, it has beautiful parks, the best education systems and a new highway system that makes traffic almost nonexistent. The city is also known for having some awesome opportunities for kids such as many schools participating in a before school exercise program.

If Boston does not sound like your cup of tea, another popular pick is Burlington, Vermont. This is the perfect place to settle down if you love the outdoors. There are outdoor activities for kids and parents to enjoy all throughout the year. It is a laid-back city that is safe for families. Kids are brought to local farms and they have farmers visiting them at school so they can learn all about fresh vegetables and their benefits. Add in the free after-school ski lessons and the gorgeous parks, Burlington is definitely one place to consider.

A northeastern city that has been luring new families to it is Portland, Maine. Because of its clean air and low crime rate, this has been on the top of many new parents’ lists of where to live. Another plus about living in Portland is that commuting is extremely easy. This is perfect for new families that have to get around town solely by way of a foot or commuting. Even taking short weekend getaways is easy in Maine. Acadia National Park is just a three-hour drive from Portland.

For those looking for a more temperate climate, Austin, Texas may be just the place for your family. The city has a ton of outdoor events throughout the year that families can enjoy together. Music is huge in Austin and they make sure that kids get a good taste of it with lots of festivals that everyone can participate in. This relaxed city has a wide variety of green space that makes the outdoors second nature to its locals.

A good education is a priority for all parents and it is also a priority in Cheyenne, Wyoming, making it a good option when it comes to an ideal city to raise your children in. If you want your kids to experience the love for rodeos and to experience a culture that is closely related to the F.E. Warren Airbase, then this just might be the place for you.

Providing for your children means that it is ideal to live in a place with a low unemployment rate. Arlington, Virginia provides numerous government jobs since it is so close to the capitol state.

Other cities that are also worth considering to raise your family in are Minneapolis, Minnesota for its population’s good health and low crime rate; Madison, Wisconsin is perfect for families that long for an active lifestyle; Omaha, Nebraska  is a city filled with kid friendly activities and is also home to the Omaha Zoo that houses the largest indoor rain forest; and finally, Sioux Falls, South Dakota for parents on the hunt for a stable housing market.

Finding the ideal place for a family is hard work. However, with enough research and a good idea of what it is that you want, one of these cities will surely be the perfect place to call home.