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Gallup has recently released the outcome of its yearly well being index. Let’s take a look at some urban areas that ranked high on the scale. The index ranks health by calculating scores in 6 categories: work, environment, emotional health, life evaluation, healthy behaviors, physical health, and access to fundamental necessities. Lincoln, Nebraska has topped the list this year, jumping twenty spots from 2011.

1. Lincoln, NE

General Score: 72.8/100

Lincoln has managed to jump twenty spots on the index from 2011 to 2012, which is a tremendous improvement in such a short time. The city is ranked 3rd in terms of access to basic necessities, such as affordable healthy food, medicine and health insurance. It has scored top position in terms of work experience.

2. Boulder, CO


General Score: 72.7/100

Boulder has also shown substantial development over the last year. It has in fact jumped to second place from fifth position. The city has scored third position in terms of strong and healthy behavior that measures general lifestyle habits, such as exercise frequency, smoking, fruit and vegetable consumption, and diet.

3 Burlington, VTSouth Burlington, VT


General Score: 72.4/100

Burlington has moved 30 spots since 2011. This metro area has been ranked second in both physical health and life evaluation – a self-assessment of a person’s existing personal well being and projected happiness/well being in 5 years.

4. ProvoOrem, UT


General Score: 71.7/100

This area has managed to maintain its position for the 2nd year in a row. It is considered as the top city in terms of life evaluation.

5. Fort CollinsLoveland, CO


General Score: 71.6/100

The metro area has shown improvement since 2011. Indeed, it has jumped from 9th position to 4th. However, it has dropped to 42nd position in terms of health (physical and mental), in which the city ranked 1st in 2011.

6. Barnstable Town, MA


General Score: 71.5/100

This urban city was ranked 11th in 2011. It has jumped to 2nd position in terms of job/work evaluation, which considers people’s opinion of their work experience, such as job satisfaction, office environment, interaction with coworkers and general treatment at work place. On the other hand, Barnstable Town scored 86th spot in life evaluation.

7. Honolulu, HI


General Score: 71.5/100

Honolulu dropped just one spot this year. It is ranked number 1 in terms of mental and emotional health. The index ranks emotional health by considering 7 factor: daily experience of sadness, smiling, laughing, happiness, anger, worry and stress.

8. Ann Arbor, MI


General Score: 71.4/100

The metro city has dropped 5 places from number 3 in 2011. Its residents have topped the life evaluation index for the 2nd year in a row.

9. Washington, DCArlington, VAAlexandria, VA


General Score: 71.3/100

The area has shown considerable improvement and has moved up 3 spots this year. On work environment index, Washington-Arlington-Alexandra has jumped from 53rd to 41st spot.

10. San Luis ObispoPaso Robles, CA


General Score: 71.2/100

San Luis Obispo-Paso Robles has managed to jump forty-seven spots on the index this year. It has scored 4th position in terms of healthy behavior and 7th in terms of emotional health.

The results of the research are based on numerous phone interviews with 353,563 random people.

Source: Gallup Well-Being Index