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After college, many students are faced with impending decisions. Those who had a work study or internship may find themselves without employment. If you are on a fixed budget and looking for a fresh start, don’t automatically assume that places with low unemployment rates are the best for your budget. It is important to consider the diversity of industries and if one of those is an industry in which you want to work, skill set and the cost of living.
It is always advisable to have at least six months rent and food saved up before starting out in a new city. Even starting out in a temp position can give you the added income needed to make it through a tough spot.

The city that ranked #1 for places to move without a job is Bethesda, MD. It has an unemployment rate lower than the national average and growth in many areas including hospitality, healthcare, and the housing market. The most in-demand areas, however, are Specialty trade contractors, accounting and bookkeeping, food service and management and hospitality. It also has a high livability and ranked No. 1 in the nation for their K-12 education.

Austin, TX has become known as a city of diversity full of cultural activities.

The unemployment level has dropped almost a full percentage point since last year due to the companies encouraged to set up businesses in the area. Since it is a college town, employers know that there is a pool of educated, talented candidates. The main areas of growth are software and gaming, healthcare, customer service and new technology development.

Another city known for its diversity is Jacksonville, FL with hiring emphasis in healthcare, IT, government and military civilian applications, logistics, transportation and education. Though this city has a higher cost of living then some other places, there are several commuting options that allow you to live in an outlying area.

For those who are looking to live in a city, but have steady access to both summer and winter activities, Denver, CO offers something for the outdoorsy types and a relatively low cost of living. In demand fields include aerospace, broadcasting and healthcare which have grown approximately 23% over the past five years.

Seattle, WA may have a higher cost of living than other places, but, it also has a higher average starting salary. High-tech industries are among the top employers here along with healthcare which makes up 20% of employment.

There has been a recent population explosion in Charlotte, NC. With a low cost of living and decent starting salary, this is a great location for new job seekers. The largest industries are motorsports, defense, and banking.

It may, or may not be surprising that Texas is home to more than one city about to explode with industry. San Antonio has growing cyber security and IT focus.

Dallas and Fort Worth, though the unemployment rates are still a little high, have growing tech, manufacturing, airline and telecommunications industries. Home to NASA research stations, Houston has great job outlook in aerospace, manufacturing, and “green” energy.

Many tech giants, such as; IBM, Apple, Dell and Google have offices in Austin, TX, making it an appealing place for those with both tech and biotech degrees.

Washington, DC is a Mecca for anyone determined to make an impact in the government sector. There is a lot of potential in both the public and private sectors, with many very high starting salaries.

Depending on your specific needs, savings and lifestyle, some places may be more or less appealing than others. Thanks to the internet, it is possible to apply for jobs and take virtual tours of just about every city in the US. This list is meant as a starting point, ultimately, it is important to take a look at what you want in a home and what ranks highest on your list of importance.