Ah romance; the stuff that pocketbooks and love songs are made of. When asked to name the most romantic city, Paris is often the first place that comes to people’s mind. Maybe it’s the architecture, the cobbled streets or the bistros, whatever it is, not everyone can afford to jet off to France for a romantic holiday. Looking for a romantic holiday destination in the good old USA? Here are the 10 most romantic cities that you shouldn’t miss out on.

10. New York City

Let’s kick off the list with the Big Apple. New York has been a favorite romantic destination ever since “A Love Affair” was shown on the big screen. Let’s face it, every woman dreams of having their own empire state building moment. This is the perfect place for you to enjoy the amazing cityscape and iconic sites with the one you love.

9. Miami

Another big player on this list is the always vibrant city of Miami. Also known as the city with the highest population of attractive people in the USA, this beach destination is just hot, hot, HOT! The Latin vibe sets the mood for drama and romance in the sizzling Florida state.

8. Las Vegas

Las Vegas isn’t just famous for those crazy weekend escapades. It’s also considered to be one of the most romantic cities in the US. Proof of this is the thousands of proposals and marriages that happen in this anything-goes town each year. If you’re looking for fun with your loved one, this should be your next stop.

7. San Antonio

Looking for a place famous for great B&Bs to spend an amazing weekend? Then head on over to San Antonio, where bigger always means better. Check out this historic town for some much-needed quality time and fall in love its charm. You’ll also fall in love with the charm of the friendliest people in the US.

6. San Diego

For some California loving, head on down to San Diego. This easy coastal city boasts of having the best weather in America. Soak up some sun, and some love as you explore this city together. Great for laidback couples.

5. Santa Fe

This Southwestern destination is said to be one of the dreamiest! Imagine watching a desert sunset while having food and wine in the quietest city in the US. You’ll also have a lot of fun exploring adobe hideaways and uncovering cultural treasures with your special someone.

4. New Orleans

With its live music, decadent living and party vibe, it’s no wonder that New Orleans has become a fast favorite among lovers. The Big Easy offers a mix of history, romance, and adventure for couples who are looking for excitement.

3. San Francisco

International and local tourists alike just swoon over this city by the bay. And why wouldn’t they? The ambiance is just breathtaking. Whether you’re into a boutique or luxurious accommodations, the city offers you a wide array of places to choose from – perfect for those planning a hassle-free romantic hideaway.

2. Charleston

Charleston is South Carolina’s go to city for all things love and romance. The rich history is guaranteed to draw you in. Don’t let the simple vibe fool you. This city of southern charms has a lot going on for itself.

1.   Honolulu

Last but definitely not the least, let’s travel to Hawaii. Honolulu isn’t just the most relaxing city; it’s also the most romantic on this list. With its clear blue waters and island living, who wouldn’t fall in love with such a beautiful place? Visit the islands with your partner for a romantic getaway that both of you will never forget.