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Many businesses start up in a new CEO’s living room, basement, or garage. With widespread internet access, many companies can get their start anywhere the entrepreneur can get a WiFi connection and set up their laptop.

When one good piece of advice throughout life is not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. There comes a time on any project when you have to accept that even though it’s not perfect, it is as good as you’re going to get at this exact moment.

Choosing the right place to open your business can turn into this kind of situation. Don’t hold off starting your business because you think you need to move to California or Texas or Georgia. Start your business now. The world is ready for your disruption.

But some businesses, especially those which need a significant number of personnel on the ground early on, really need to be located in a particular place. If you’re looking to get your business started, and you’re able to relocate before you start your business, these are just a few of the cities you should consider.

Austin, Texas

Given its slogan of “Keep Austin Weird,” it’s no surprise that Austin has been a city on the national stage for many years. For years, Austin was the center of a particular music scene, and in recent years, the community has gathered attention as the tech industry has taken hold.

With two million residents and a young, well-educated workforce graduating from the University of Texas, Austin is a great choice for any business. CNBC named Austin its number one pick for the 20 Top Metro Areas To Start A Business in America.

Manchester, New Hampshire

Cities in New England rarely make business friendly top ten lists, so it’s noticeable that CNBC picked Manchester last year as the friendliest American city for new businesses. Manchester was originally a textile mill town, but as the manufacturing died down, the community got swept up in the expansion of the greater Boston area.

Manchester gets great marks for its regulations and tax laws, as well as the ease of starting a business overall. If you are considering moving to Manchester, make a note, however: CNBC notes that the area’s biggest weakness is its training and networking resources.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Cities in the southwest and Midwest often rank well on their friendliness to small businesses, and WalletHub’s 2016 analysis of small business climates in large cities was no exception. With top ten ranks in Business Environment, and top fifteen ranks in Costs, Sioux Falls ranked number one in the overall list.

Sioux Falls struggled in the rankings for access to resources, however, so again, know what you’re getting in to before you put down a security deposit and buy a plane ticket.

San Diego, California

Many experts are torn when they recommend California as a great place to start a business. While there are fantastic opportunities and support in place for new businesses, especially in the tech industry, companies also suffer because there are so very many nascent companies there competing for the same resources.

The most current advice from many angel investors and top industry executives is that if you have a business that can’t survive anywhere other than California, go to California, but if you can make your business work anywhere else, go there. Forbes put San Diego at the top of its list for its incredible business community.

Alpharetta, Georgia

The southeastern area of the United States often gets a bad reputation for its business climate, but Nerdwallet ranked Alpharetta community its number one location for business. This was based on its average business income, as well as the number of businesses in the community which have paid employees. Both of these measures are considered good indicators of whether or not a business will be successful over the long term.

The key takeaway here, however, is that while there are many great places in the United States to start a business, there’s no one true city, no guaranteed success, and not even a lot of agreement on what makes a city great for businesses.

Some of the good reasons to move to another city to start your business include better employee pool, better resources and assets, better infrastructure, and better tax support.

But if you are just looking for one or two employees, you may be able to connect to them over the internet. If your business is primarily located online, consider exactly how much you really need your employees to all be in the same physical place 40 hours a week.