Are you planning a move to Cleveland, renovating your Cleveland home, or attempting to cut clutter out of your household?  If so, a storage unit might be the solution for you. But before you begin your Cleveland storage search, you should have an idea of what you can expect to pay. This isn’t necessarily as easy as it sounds, because though storage units do typically come in standardized sizes (those being 5×5, 5×10, 10×10, 10×15, and 10×20) prices are anything but standard.

Because storage prices are highly dependent on commercial real estate prices, how much you’ll pay depends on where you are. Prices can even vary widely within a single city or metropolitan area, so any accurate estimate is going to have to be more granular, zooming down on the neighborhood level.

In order to help you get started on your Cleveland storage search, we’ve put together the following map on Cleveland storage prices:

These are prices on 10×10 storage units at specific storage facilities averaged out over a year’s time. They’re taken from the Self Storage Deals storage directory and so do not represent a complete picture of the industry, but they should give you an accurate idea of what storage prices are like in each neighborhood.

Also, as these are averaged out over a year, they’re subject to change; storage is highly seasonal (with higher prices in the summer, when more people are moving) and there’s been a general trend of rising storage prices over the last few years, so older, lower prices might be included in these numbers. Finally, we chose 10×10 units as they are the middlemost size, and will give you the best idea of other unit size prices as well.

So what can we see from our map? To begin with, there are few storage facilities in central Cleveland—this is not unusual of most downtown areas in the United States. Someone living downtown in need of storage would do well by driving north along the lake, where several facilities with units for $135-$82 can be found. You might, however, want to stop short of Euclid, as this suburb is far more expensive than any other surrounding Cleveland. Prices in Euclid range from a whopping $226 all the way to $286 a month.

Cheaper storage can be found in Lakewood, which ranges from $84 to $118, making this town an excellent area for storage deals. South of that, the Brook Park, Parma, and Parma Heights area is a bit pricier, ranging from $88 to $127. Expect prices between $111 and $137 in North Olmsted/ Fairview Park to the west.

Looking east to Garfield Heights and Maple Heights, we see prices from as low as $83 to as high as $165.

Brian Shreckengast is a writer at Self Storage Deals, a leading self-storage search engine. Read more about storing and moving on the SSD blog.