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This is a guest blog post by Brian Barwig, marketing executive of

Most people don’t realize when they rent a self storage unit they will probably need renters insurance. Just because items are placed in a storage unit doesn’t make them any less valuable or sentimental than items kept at home. This article will help you understand why renters insurance is important and why you should have it when using self storage.

Why Do I Need It

If something unforeseen would happen to your belongings while they are in self storage, could you afford to lose them? If there were a fire, flood or break-in and some of your possessions were ruined, would you care? What do you have to lose? You must determine if it is worth spending the extra money for peace of mind. If you have homeowners insurance you may be covered for renters insurance already. There is usually a set percentage of your home’s worth that is set aside for insurance outside the home.

How Do I Get It

You can acquire renters insurance through your homeowners’ insurance as discussed above or you can get it through almost any insurance company. It is best to start with the insurance companies you already use. Many storage facilities also provide the option to add insurance to each rental contract. Many people find this helpful as they can pay one bill to the storage facility rather than sending 2 bills each month.

How Much Does it Cost

The cost is typically month to month and will vary from the company itself and the amount of coverage needed. If you want $15,000 worth of protection you will pay more than someone who only wants $1,000 worth of coverage. The renter’s insurance will cover just about anything from weather, burglary, and fire.

Renters insurance is not complicated and basically comes down to how much of your stuff you are willing to protect. For any additional questions, you can ask the storage facility manager or talk to your insurance provider.