climate controlled storage

One of our readers wanted to get a bit more information about what type of storage units she should use since she is moving out of state for a few months to test the job market in the south. According to her email, she has lots of furniture but does not want to sell them just in case her move to Virginia does not work out too well.

For those of you who may be contemplating short moves without wishing to part with your furniture this time of year, your best bet would be to inquire about climate controlled self-storage units. Climate controlled self-storage units are highly recommended for storing the items that you value and as its name implies the units can adjust to any climate, unlike standard storage units.

True when you use this type of storage units, you are likely to pay a higher price than the other units that are out there. But just think how good you would feel to know that your expensive household items are under the right type of cool air or heat that would spare you from returning home and finding your furniture tarnished or artwork faded. Before choosing a climate controlled storage unit, there are a few things that you need to know about them. Firstly, you have three different types of climate-controlled self-storage units to choose from. They include the humidity controlled unit, the temperature plus humidity controlled unit as well as the temperature controlled unit.

With the humidity controlled unit you can expect it to keep a humidity level of close to 55 degrees which is the type of humidity that you would want to store your art and antiques. Temperature controlled units, on the other hand, features temperature up to 75 degrees which are also enough for you to store items such as your genuine fur clothing and valuable furniture. The temperature is cranked this high to keep insects out so that your items are always protected.

Climate controlled self-storage unit warehouses differ from ordinary storage facilities in that the security system on the compound is high-tech and very sophisticated ensuring that your items are kept in a safe place. In addition the most of these unit facilities go the extra mile to prevent and keep out any types of rodents and insects from entering your unit and ultimately destroying your items.

Climate controlled storage units are capable of storing everything from your big items which may be subjected to dust and mildew especially if they were stored elsewhere.