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Are you looking for self storage in Baltimore? If so, you should know that’s important to do your research before barreling in and booking a unit. Even though you might want the convenience of a storage facility down the block, it might be the case that another facility a few blocks away has significantly-lower prices. This is because self-storage prices are highly dependent on commercial real estate prices—you are, after all, renting space, and facilities need to be able to pay for the land they’re sitting on.

And commercial real estate, like any other kind of real estate, can change drastically depending on your exact location within a city. So if you’re really trying to save money—potentially hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year—it’s best not to look at only one neighborhood.

To make things easier on you, we’ve whipped up this map of storage prices in Baltimore. We’re comparing average prices on 10×10 storage units throughout the city. Why 10×10 units? Because that’s the middlemost standard unit size and so you can get an idea of how prices might change depending on square feet (the other standard sizes are 5×5, 5×10, 10×15, and 10×20). The data behind this map is taken from the Self Storage Deals database, which means that while it doesn’t cover every storage facility in Baltimore, it certainly delivers a good approximation of how prices will change from Baltimore neighborhood to Baltimore neighborhood.

Baltimore 10×10 prices

From our map we can see that Baltimore is unique among older, colonial-era cities in that storage prices aren’t highest in the city’s core—compare to Philadelphia or New York, where storage prices in the inner city soar. In Baltimore, downtown prices are actually generally lower than in the suburbs.  Consider the two downtown facilities pictured, with prices at $116 and $98 a month. If you move northeast into Rosedale, where prices can be as high as $233, or west into Woodlawn or Catonsville, where storage costs $145 and $135 respectively, these downtown facilities really look like a good deal.

If you’re looking for the cheapest 10×10 units in Baltimore, we’d recommend looking in northwest Baltimore, where units can be found for $108 a month, in the northeast (before Rosedale) where prices are around $100, and in downtown Baltimore. Those living in Rosedale, Essex, Middle River, Woodlawn, and Catonsville might well want to look in the aforementioned areas in order to save a chunk of money every month.

The average price of a 10×10 unit in Baltimore is $123 a month.

Brian Shreckengast is a writer at Self Storage Deals, a leading price-focused self-storage search engine.