man painting wall

As the year comes to an end and all the festivities wrap up, you may have thought about giving your interior décor a change. That’s a normal reaction. The New Year brings change on a variety of levels, and wanting to alter your surroundings is nothing new. You would be surprised how little variations go a very long way. There are a few quick things you can do to remodel your space without spending too much money while giving you a dramatic change.

Before getting started, think about what you want to do and why. Do you need to brighten up your space? Is it too cluttered? Go through a few magazines to see what gives you inspiration, and then make a list of what you need to change. These quick tips are sure-fire ways to get a new look for less:

  • Paint

This is a tried and true problem solver. Paint can breathe life into a new room in a matter of hours. If you’re looking for a dramatic difference, painting the room will do the trick.

  • Window Treatments

Sometimes your room seems drab because you have heavy drapes or unattractive window treatments. You may want to use nice blinds in a beautiful wood or bamboo, or add sheer curtains to let the light in.

  • Removing pieces

Taking pieces out of a room can add space and give you an aesthetic you never imagined. Putting those pieces into a storage unit until you figure out what to do with them can give you a chance to rethink the décor in other rooms as well.

  • Pictures

Switching out your frames is a quick and inexpensive way to give your room an updated look and provide a great contrast to your furniture or paint choices.

  • Rugs

This is another quick way to add variety into the room. A nice rug in a bold pattern or multiple colors will draw the eyes down and create a focal point within the space. If you’re daring, you can even use rugs on the wall.

  • Shelving

All the designers tell you to go up and get things off the floor. Open shelving is very popular now, even in the kitchen. Adding a few shelves here and there for effect will give you room to display your wares, but can give your room a much-needed change.

One thing to remember when redecorating – your style speaks for itself. You may have started off traditional, but are leaning toward modern design. You don’t have to choose just one! Be creative and do what makes you feel good. Mixing pieces and design patterns will add variety. You’re the one that has to live with your design, so make it work for you. Consult your initial list to make sure you are on the right track and have attained your goals. You may need to tweak it a few times, but if redecorating is your first official project for the New Year, make it count!

About the Author: Allaire William is a professional writer for the Self Storage Blog and specializes in content marketing.