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Kids are tough to deal with even without all the havoc of a move going on. I’ve talked to more than one parent who wished they could just ship their children off while they dealt with the move. I think they meant that in jest, but it is extremely difficult to keep the ball moving on a move when you have to tend to the little… angels!

We really feel for the difficulty parents face when making a move with the kids, so we thought we’d give you some pointers on how to manage the little ones while you are moving. We make no promises that this will make the move hugely easier, but it may give you at least some reprieve from the long and arduous journey that is before you. Without further ado, here are our tips on moving with kids:

talking to kids about moveTalk to Them About It

This is a big one. Kids are affected deeply by all the implications of any move. You will need to take time to talk about where, what, why, etc. Also, you’ll need to be willing to actively listen to all the concern they may have. Talking about it early and often will help them feel a little better about things so it will avoid potential behavioral problems that can stem from not discussing matters.

Splurge for a Babysitter

Moving is expensive. We get it. Yet, now is a good time to let someone else take care of your kids while you get things done. Having a friend or family member watch the kids is even better, but if you don’t have anyone around consider splurging on hiring a babysitter. Even if you don’t use the time to work on the move, you could use the time to rest and recharge for just a tiny bit before returning the insanity of moving with kids.

Think About How They Can Help

Depending on their age most kids will be able to help in small ways. Take the time to brainstorm on the tasks they may be able to help with to keep them busy. This will also allow them to feel like they are actually part of the move rather than just hopeless witnesses.

kids toy boxAllow Them to Have Bad Days 

We all have bad days. Your little one will occasionally have days where they are just fussy and not wanting to move. Do not hold your little guy/girl to higher standards than you would hold yourself! Allow them to cry it out then perhaps take the time to talk to them about their concerns about the move.

Give them a Chance to Be Generous (aka purge some toys) 

Moving is a chance for everyone to give away some items. Talk to your kids about how other kids don’t have toys, and that by giving them away they are helping others. This will inspire them to clean out their overflowing toy box(es) as well as teach them a valuable lesson.

Did You Say Box Fort? 

Don’t you remember playing with boxes when you were little? The potential fun to be had with playing with boxes before and after a move for kids is sort of a big deal. Make sure you give them the opportunity to play with the boxes, and as a bonus, the boxes will keep them busy while you toil away at getting all the steps of the move finished.


We know that rewards and bribery aren’t the best parenting tools in the book, but sometimes just a little bit of motivation when everyone stress can go a long way. Candy, video games, play dates, baked goods or whatever your kids look can serve as the perfect way to get your kids to be a little more agreeable during this terrible process. Don’t forget to give yourself rewards too!

The Toy Bag 

Having a toy bag ready for moving day is a great way to distract a kid while things get moved/unpacked in the house. The last thing you want to deal with is having to hear your kid talk about how bored they are while you are trying to work.

Make it an Adventure 

Make the move seem more like an adventure and a game rather than the huge task it is. Talk about all the new and neat stuff in your new home. Act amped up about packing and unpacking everything even though you are dreading it. Kids will often mimic your positive or negative attitude. Heck, if you act positive enough about the move you may even convince yourself moving isn’t all that terrible.

Give them a LOT of Love 

Moving is a tough time for everyone involved, so make sure that you take extra time to let your kid know how much you love and care about them. Moving is extremely difficult on kids who can feel insecure about the entire process, so they will need just a little extra attention to help make it a bit easier on them.