summer move

It’s almost summertime and the moving should be cool and easy. The kids would be home from school and you would be able to get them to help you package and label some household items. Summer is usually a very popular time for people to get moving from one place to another; the weather around this time of year is sunny and great for moving. Since most choose this time of year to move, there would obviously be a very high demand for moving trucks whether you choose to move yourself or hire professionals to do it for you.

To ensure that you get to move during the summer it is best that you select and book your moving date with your moving company. Once you get that out of the way then you can start planning for the other aspects of your move. The first thing you would want to do is to start getting boxes to start your packing. Packing one room at a time would definitely keep everything together as it pertains to each room so that your items would be easy to find by the time you move into the new home.

When packing boxes, it is always best to reinforce the bottom of them so that they won’t burst during transit. Reinforcement can take the form of blankets or foam and even bubble wrapping. Whatever you decide to use make sure that you properly seal and label your boxes. For those boxes that contain breakable items, you would want to write “FRAGILE” on the box just so the movers would know that they need to handle it with care.

When it comes to moving your furniture you should always make sure that they are padded well enough with anything from a blanket to bubble wrap. This would prevent scratches on your furniture. To further protect against scratches to your furniture you can also coat the wood with wax. If you have furniture with legs then you need to remove those legs before relocating as well as you would also need to remove the nuts and screws and place them safely in a Ziploc bag.

Sofas should be stood upright on its end while the cushions should be placed in a large plastic bag so that they would not get dirty or dusty. If you are moving your dressers and cabinets, move the furniture with your clothing still in them as it would definitely eliminate having to unpack and repack when you get to the new home. Before moving, the drawers in the dresser should be well secured so that the drawer would not open up while the truck is moving.

Electronics should be placed back in its original box if you still have them around and wrap then up with either foam or bubble wrap. All the cords and cables should be wrapped and secured with twist ties. You could never go wrong with labeling the cords either as this would help you get set up at the new place very easily.