moving electronics

On moving day there are some items that are a joy to pack while others just aren’t, especially when they are big and complicated such as moving electronics in your home. Not only are these items very fragile and costly, but they also come with a lot of plugs that if not organized it would be very hard to keep up with. Here are a few suggestions to help packing up your electronics go a little more smoothly.

You probably use your desktop computer on a regular basis for either completing work or school projects or as a way to budgeting bank account or even as a method of paying bills online. Such a necessity item should be handled gently so as to avoid damage. Unlike the laptop computer, the desktop computer has several parts that need to be detached before you move.

One of the items that you have to move is the central processing unit or CPU as it is commonly called. This part of the computer which is also known as the computer’s “brain” is where you would find the disk drive and the mother board as well. It should be detached carefully from the monitor and placed in a box that is bolstered with thick Styrofoam so that the CPU can easily slide down in the box comfortably and not shift around when moving.

The same should be done when packing your monitor and to prevent further prevent damage and scratches to your monitor’s screen you can tape a square piece of cardboard over it. Keep all your cords individually wrapped and secured with twist ties and label them for easy assembling when you get to your new home. Depending on the type of printer that you have you should try to remove its ink cartridge or toner before you pack them into boxes.

If you are not sure how to pack your specific printer, it would be wise to consult with its manual. The ink or toner should never be boxed and sent with the movers but rather held on your person and kept cool especially if you are moving in the summertime.

Next, when it comes to moving your large screen television it’s best that you leave the packaging up to the experts. You can arrange for a professional moving service to have the item custom-crated a day or two before your moving day. It may cost you a little extra to have a professional package your item but it is truly worth it in the end. In any event, the movers would be liable should the television arrive at your new home in a damaged condition so make sure that you have this and other items insured with the movers to prevent this from happening. Movers always advise that you leave the TV turned off for a few hours before you turn it on when you get to your new location as well.

Finally, if the boxes for your other electronic items are still in good condition, then you should put the items back in their original boxes. Make sure to use excessive padding material that would protect your items. The boxes that you would be using to pack these fragile items should be strong and sturdy and they should also be sealed with the packing tape that the professionals use.