basket of food

Moving with existing grocery items is not something that most people would consider doing. There are some who would rather throw out everything that is in their pantries and refrigerator opting to purchase a fresh set of groceries. For those that may purchase new groceries, the best thing that you can do is to sort of hold out on buying more grocery items as moving day approaches.

This will allow you to have enough money to fulfill a huge grocery list. However, if you are going to take your groceries with you, here are a few tips that you can use in order to relocate with everything intact.

For those who buy grocery items in bulk for their large family, take into consideration that there are some things you would have to get rid of and others that you can take with you. It would make no sense at all if you were to take along items such as half used meats, vegetables or milk.

You have the choice of either using them up within a week before moving or you can donate the unopened frozen foods to a local pantry or to a family or friend.

Bulk buying means that you would probably purchase the large family pack of meats and if this is so, one way you can get rid of it is to host a moving party where you invite your friends and family for lunch or dinner. Experts would tell you that some of the foods that you should not move with include frozen foods as we mentioned before, defrosted meats and cold cuts as well as opened sugar and flour, eggs and even opened bottles of soda and juices.

These are items that you can readily replace because of how inexpensive they are especially when you use a few coupons.

Items that you can take with you include anything from unopened boxes of cereal, crackers, sealed bottles and cans, unopened cookies, bread and chips and pasta to name a few. Canned goods and jarred goods that are sealed can also be packed for moving. Once you have gathered the groceries that you want to take with you, the next thing would be to concentrate on how to pack them.

Experts say that items such as cookies or a big bag of sea chips should be fitted in a small sized trash bag or any other small plastic bags that would hold the items. If you have a heavy item in the plastic bag then it should be placed at the bottom of the bag to avoid squeezing the other delicate items.

Heavy items such as canned goods must be placed in a durable box.  Even if you use the smaller box you can still find items such as unopened bags that are currently held together with twist ties.