saving money

The words “moving” and “saving money” are not usually used in the same sentence especially since moving is a huge financial undertaking no matter how near or far away you move.  And while you may be a bit nervous about how much money you need to put aside to make your home relocation happen, there are actually some ways in which you can scale down your moving finances so that you would have a little cash left over after you are all moved in.

You can start saving money right away if you were to self-move which would allow you and your friends to do everything from packing, to loading and eventually driving the moving vehicle en route to your new home. With a self-move, the only money you would be spending out is for the rental of the truck which is way cheaper than if you go with a full-service moving company.

Next, if you have control over the months when you can move out, you should choose those months that are considered the slow period in the moving business. Stay clear of the summer months as they are not only the busiest but also the most expensive months to move.

You can also spend less money moving if you were to pack your own boxes instead of leaving it up to the movers who would charge an additional fee to get the job done. When it comes to packing, you should seek out boxes from your neighborhood grocery store or from friends and family which would save you from purchasing new boxes.

Also, if you have items in your home that you really do not need then you can decide if you want to sell them all or donate it to a charitable organization. Either way, you would be clearing out the clutter from your home and ultimately cutting down on the load in the moving van.  Keep in mind that some moving companies bill you by the weight of the items that you are moving; get rid of as many unwanted items as you can.

Always keep your receipts from the move since when tax period rolls around; you can claim it as tax-deductable expenses. Visit the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) website to find out more information about that.  Finally, when you get to the new place,  you should also have some friends there who can help you unpack your items so that the movers would not have to do the job for an extra cost.