moving glass

What is one of the most challenging items to relocate from one home to another? Did anyone think glass? Glass, no matter if it is big or small is a fragile item that some would rather not tamper with come moving day. Fragility aside, depending on the size of the item, glass can also be very heavy as well.

One is always looking for ways in which they can move such an item without it breaking and falling to the ground, shattering in pieces. If you are relocating a glass item like say glass art, mirrors, shower doors, table or picture in a do-it-yourself project it should be done with great precision in order for it to get safely to its destination. One of the first rules of thumb when moving glass items is to try to never lay the glass down. Instead, the glass should be transported in an upright position pretty much the same way that you do if you were transporting plywood.

For moving the heavier glass, two persons are needed for the job and rubber gloves are recommended, especially the ones with the rubber in the palm. With the use of a suction cup, you would be able to steady the glass as you get it to the moving truck. Depending on your pathway from where the glass is to the moving vehicle you may also be able to use a glass dolly. When it comes to loading the glass on the truck you should it should be in a vertical position against the truck’s side.

The glass should be separated with cardboard sheets so that they would not crack or break in transit. If you do not have cardboard sheets another alternative would be to lay the glass between two mattresses which you should carefully remove when you get to the new destination. For the smaller glass type items such as pictures, they can be easily wrapped and protect in bubble wrap or in blankets. Picture cartons can also be used to store your pictures. Of course if you do not have the confidence to move the glass, then it’s best that you leave the job to the moving experts by hiring a moving company who are equipped with a team of skillful people trained to get the job done.