single parent with girl

Moving is a difficult and time-consuming process. There are so many things that must be done. If you are moving as a single parent you have additional burdens which to consider. Depending on the age of your children your needs and theirs are also a part of the moving process.

School age children

If you have children who are in school you will need to accommodate them while they are in school as well as during the move. You need to be sure you are where they are let off from the school bus or pick them up from school while still packing and trying to stay on a time schedule. Once you have moved, or even during the actual process of moving, you will need to enroll your children in their new school and help them to not feel completely displaced during the transition.

Young children

If your children are too young to be in school you have another set of problems. If you are their primary caregiver you may wish to find someone who will watch your children during the time you are spending relocating your property from your old home to a new one.

If this is not possible then securing your children while you are walking around with boxes becomes more difficult but is not impossible if you are prepared. You can put them in a designated room and ensure they have some compelling entertainment to keep them occupied while you are hustling around with the boxes and the moving trucks.

If you are a member of a church, they might be able to help you with caring for your children while you are actively relocating your possessions. Churches are always a great asset to their members, and other members may be able to take those children off your hands for a few hours a couple days.

How will you move your things?

If you don’t have a posse of men around to carry your boxes you will need to secure a moving company to help you. After all, even the most capable person is not capable of carrying a full-size sofa or a queen size bed alone. Either setup that posse and offer them something in return, like a meal, some beer, or a BBQ after the move has been completed.

If you do need to hire a moving company be sure they are reputable. You can utilize any number of moving companies that are local or national. If you are concerned about their reliability there are many online review sites that you can utilize to find just the right moving company for your needs.

Co-workers or neighbors are also sometimes willing to help a single parent with the move. Even new neighbors who see a person in need will stop to help if they have the time or ability to help.

Administrative needs

Being the sole person responsible for moving, securing your children, and doing all the heavy work – or getting someone to do it for you – is only part of the moving experience.

Utilities will need to be transferred, as well as your mailing address. Each of these items takes time and effort on the part of anyone who is moving but definitely falls on the head of a single parent. By making a check-list of all the items you receive in the mail you will be able to better improve your administrative flow. Telling the post office is a good first step, but also notify each of the companies yourself to ensure a shorter delay.

Moving is a thoughtful process that works best when the movers are organized. Making a list of what you will need to do will ensure that you won’t miss anything. Single parents have these skills over the nuclear family because you’ve already been doing everything. Just remember that you can do this, too!