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packing tipsMoving isn’t any fun. There is just something about uprooting everything, even if it is just to move across town, that is so hard on the mind and body. Packing is where the whole moving journey begins, and when we are packing is usually when reality sets in that this move is actually going to happen.  Do not give into the moving blues! Sometimes just a tiny adjustment in our approach and attitude towards packing will make all the difference. From years and years of moving here, are some professional packing tips on how to make packing a little less stressful.

Sooner Rather Than Later

The sooner you get packing the better. Some people like to wait until they have a specific moving date set, but others like to start packing things as soon as they know they plan on moving. Packing is a whole lot easier if you do a little bit at a time rather than doing everything all at once. If you do just a tiny bit every day or even every other day, you’ll be surprised how much you can get done.

Pack with Friends and Family

Doing anything with friends and family can be fun, but it especially lightens the mood of arduous tasks like moving. Not to mention things go a lot faster when you have additional hands to help pack everything. Pro tip: If you know at some point you are going to get outside help for packing, make sure that you save easy things to pack for them. If you are particular about how an item is packed, it is best not to waste the time and energy of explaining the specifics of how to pack the item(s).

packing partyThrow a Packing Party

Pizza and beer for everyone! Packing and moving parties are a great way to motivate people to come over and help out with your packing. If you are moving out of the area, it is also a great way to say goodbye to people you’ve been close to. Although we have to say having a bunch of people helps you pack isn’t the style for people who are very particular about how everything is packed- especially if your guests plan on having the beer while packing.

Rock Out While You Pack

Blast up some funky tunes while you pack to make the time fly by. Although, it is important to make sure you don’t waste too much energy shaking your booty between boxes! Otherwise, you may end up feeling like you just had a totally awesome dance party, but you hardly got anything done somehow.


When you pack is a good time to cleanse your worldly possessions of things you do not want or need anymore. Donate, sell or throw away anything you don’t want, so you don’t have to move it to your new home.

View it as a Workout

Moving is a time when a lot of people slack off on their routines for working out, that is if they even had a workout routine to begin with. Packing burns a decent amount of calories, so why not view it as a workout? You have to pack; it is for your health!

Pack Stuff You Don’t Use Anyways

As soon as you know you’re going to move, it is a good idea to start packing anything you don’t use. Items that are stored away or just gathering dust can immediately be put away in bags or boxes. There is no point in waiting until the last minute to pack these types of items, so you might as well get it out of the way right now.

Reward Yourself

Some of us need a little bit of motivation to inspire us to do just about anything. This is especially true when it comes to packing. Think about what would really get you started on this whole packing thing. A piece of chocolate at the end of every packing session? A vacation once this whole packing business is all over? You know what motivates you, so find a way to make it happen. After all the packing you need to do, you definitely will deserve a nice reward!