pro packing tips

There are plenty of packing tips out there for the average Joe, but for detail-oriented folks, these tips just seem too obvious. The following packing tips are aimed at people who really like all of the details planned out so that everything runs exactly according to plan. So here are some tips that will help you avoid any mishaps during your move:

  1. If a box contains smaller items, either number the items inside of the box on the outside of the box, or you can wrap the small items in colorful tissue paper to make sure they don’t get thrown away.
  1. moving-binderCreate a moving binder that contains all copies of important lists, documents, contracts, etc. in it. Put plastic sleeves over all the documents. It will be the perfect go-to item when it comes to moving day, and you won’t have to worry about damaging any of the papers.
  1. For the moving binder, create a list of emergency contacts if you are moving to a new area. The police, hospital, fire department, doctor, etc. all could come in handy in case an emergency of some sort comes up.
  1. Dust items as you pack. This way the items will be clean when you unpack them in your new home.
  1. Throw away expired food goods. It especially pays to check out heavy items that are extremely heavy to move.
  1. Do you have outdated documents that you’ve been meaning to get rid of? Paper is heavy, so before you move is the perfect time to do it. Shred all the paper with personal information then put it in the recycling bin.
  1. moving boxesFill boxes completely to avoid them getting crushed in the process of the move. To fill any unused corners, use newspapers, tissue paper, linen, clothes or any other packing material you may have around.
  1. Divide each room as you are packing it into different area. Have an area for trash, boxes and donations. This way you can take a pause in your work then come back to it and know where everything actually is.
  1. Take a detailed inventory of everything you own and where it is packed. This will help make sure that if you need an item, you’ll have some idea of where to look.
  1. Before you move into a space, see if you can get in first to clean it. On moving day it can get really busy, so it is best to try to get everything clean before you place all of your belongings in your new home.
  1. For clothing wardrobe boxes can be your best friend. They will keep the clothes wrinkle and dust free during the move, so that you don’t end up with loads of laundry to do when you move in.
  1. Do not dilly dally on reminiscing when you pack because you have a firm deadline. Instead, if you want to take a trip down memory lane looking through items, do it when you unpack, because you have plenty of time to sort through everything.
  1. play musicIf you like working with music in the background, make your sound system an accessible item when you pack it. This way when it comes time to unpack it you want be stuck listening to music through whatever device you happen to be able to find.
  1. Make sure to tightly close all toiletries and cleaning supplies then seal them in Ziploc bags. It is very common for this type of stuff to leak during a move, and it makes a gigantic mess to clean up!
  1. Hopefully you’ve already known to give away items before you move to make the loads lighter. You can actually arrange a charity to come pick up items at the end of your packing schedule to save you time from traveling to the location.
  1. Create a first to open box with anything that you will need immediately when you move in.
  1. Pack a suitcase with toiletries, clothing, etc. like you are going on vacation for each family member, so that you’ll have access to the basic the first few days when you are still unpacking and organizing everything.