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As soon as you know around when you are going to move and where, it is a good time to start preparing for moving day. Tasks are a lot easier if we take them just a little bit at a time to help avoid getting overwhelmed. It is easy when you know there are months to complete certain tasks to put everything off until a later date because you think you have tons of time to handle everything. The truth is that those months will creep on by then all of a sudden you’ll be stuck tackling a tremendously large to-do list with little time left to do everything.

Procrastination may feel good when you are doing the procrastinating, but once it comes time to actually do the work it makes everything a lot harder. One of the number one tips I can give anyone for moving is just to start doing the work as early as possible. So here are ten things that you can begin doing months before a move.

1. Start Shopping Around for Movers

When it comes to finding movers, there are a lot of different variables that need to be researched beyond just price. You’ll want to check for customer reviews, pricing, license, insurance, etc. It helps if you narrow it down to just four moving companies then begin getting quotes and interviews to help you make a final decision.

moving boxes2. Collect Packing Supplies 

Start to buy/scrounging for boxes as soon as you know you are going to move. Also, consider collecting newspapers and magazines to use as packing material. All around consider what you may need to pack and how you can improvise with materials you already have because it is a lot cheaper to not have to buy packing materials. Buy materials that you will need like packing tape, magic markers, etc.

3. Pack Up Things You Don’t Need 

In our lives, we could do without most of the stuff we have, so as soon as you know you are going to move start packing up all the stuff that you just simply don’t need. You may be surprised by how little you miss the items that you pack away!

4. Consider Self Storage 

Are you going to need self-storage when you move to your new place? Or do you have items in self-storage you are going to get out? Start considering the logistics of how you are going to do this. Move anything in or out of storage sooner rather than later, so that you can already have that aspect of moving dealt with.

5. Sell, Donate or Throw Away Items You No Longer Need

There is no point of moving junk from one abode to the next. Start cleansing your life of items that you just don’t need anymore.

6. Research the New Area

If you are moving out of town, it can be fun to start research fun things to do in your new area. While you’re at you can also find out important things like new doctors, schools, grocery stores, emergency numbers, etc.

7. Use Up Food in Your Pantry, Freezer and Fridge 

Moving food just adds yet another thing you’ll need to deal with come moving day, so start clearing out all the food you don’t want to bother transferring to your new home. Take the time to plan dishes that use up the ingredients that you’ve been meaning to use.

8. Plan the Logistics of Moving Day 

Start planning out how you want moving day to go. Consider all the little details that may slip your mind like renting an elevator, street parking, hotels, switching utilities, so that everything goes as smoothly as humanly possible.

to do list9. Give Everyone To-Do Lists 

If you are moving with a family or partner, there is no reason they can’t start chipping in! Give everyone a moving to-do list, so they can start tackling tasks that need to be done as well.

10. Plan a Packing Party

This is a fun idea that helps you get a lot of work done. Plan invitations, drinks, menus and most importantly what you want everyone else to handle. If you are moving away this can also double as a going away party, so you can see close friends, family and acquaintances that you may not see for a while.