Moving Story

My family and I moved seven years ago due to financial reasons. Even though we moved about twenty minutes away, it was a dramatic experience. I didn’t want to leave my school and all of my friends. I really resented my parents for making me leave the place that I was familiar and comfortable with. We rented a moving truck and we moved everything ourselves.

We piled everything into the moving van, my mom’s minivan, and both my dad and my brother’s cars. We had to take multiple trips and the total process of moving the stuff to our new house took a couple of days. For some odd reason we decided to move in the middle of winter. It was snowing like crazy and we were running in and out of the house trying to move things in as quickly as possible. The fact that we were freezing made the whole process that much worse for me.

In the rush of everything, my brother wasn’t paying attention and he slammed his finger into his car door. His finger was so swollen that he had to go to the emergency room to get his fingernail drained.  It just so happened that all of this happened on his birthday. Still to this day he claims that the only thing he got for that birthday was a trip to the emergency room.

One thing I learned from this move was that we should have better planned out the time of year when we decided to move. Moving in the middle of the winter is a big struggle because you’re running around moving boxes and lifting furniture that you get warm and you don’t want to wear a heavy coat that restricts movement but not wearing a warm coat resulted in us catching colds.

Next time I move I plan on choosing a good time of the year, if possible, and I would arrange things a little better. I would organize boxes by the room that they’re going to be placed into and I would put similar boxes together. It’s difficult when you’re moving and you grab one box that goes to one room and then you grab another box that goes on the other side of the house. Putting the boxes together or near each other in the truck or car makes for an easier transition and unloading process.

My best tip/advice for students who plan of moving would be to not take every little thing that you previously owned. Take advantage of this moving time to get rid of some things and reorganize. Once you unpack your things into your new home you’ll quickly realize how many extra things you have that you no longer have a place for. Also, if you’re moving, sometimes it’s a great feeling to get rid of or donate a lot of things and then buy newer things to fit the new move and location. I was so excited to be able to buy new things and decorate my new room top to bottom in my own way.