Moving Story

How I Moved

As a senior in high school last year, I first planned to move to Kent State University, Main Campus but after receiving the price tag I decided to go to a ranch campus and rent an apartment with a friend. This was a great idea, we’re graduated and going to college, this means we’re adults, or so we thought. We moved out during the summer to relocate and find jobs in the new area.

We moved from Carrollton, Ohio to Salem, Ohio and we had our families help us with the many carloads of belongings. I would have to say that it got expensive in gas and moving was extremely stressful. There was bickering about the safest place to put fragile and expensive items, people were just slamming boxes down without paying attention to what was in them. It stayed stressful because of the fact that we bit off way more then we could chew on bills and a job. Anyhow, the moving situation was so stressful that within a month my friend and I were back in our parents’ homes and off to find a new college once more. When I moved back I had a small trailer to use which took fewer trips but was still pricey in gas mileage.

I learned a lot from moving. I learned that you don’t know a person or their family until you live with them, also I learned it is stressful to have people who don’t know what they’re doing handling your stuff. The next time I move, I plan on at least renting a moving truck so I can eliminate all the stressful back and forth trips. I know I would want to hire a moving company ultimately but that would depend on the cash flow in my pocket as well.

If I were to be giving another student advice on moving, I would say don’t move in with your best friend and be sure that moving is what you want to do. If you decide to move go to live on a college campus, not some strange apartment. Just because you’re graduated and 18 years old doesn’t mean you’re ready to handle school, work and bills like an adult. Also, I would recommend hiring a moving company if possible, especially if you are moving expensive things that not everyone would take regard too.

Another thing is that moving is very stressful so try not to plan it right in the middle of a very stressful time and do your best to plan it for a weekend when not much else is going. Another thing is to make sure you’re focused on the goal of gaining an education and try not to bite off more than you can chew in other aspects of your life. Your moving experience is guaranteed to e different from mine since each experience has its own obstacles. I can assure you though, that by paying attention to these tips, I truly believe your moving experience will go much smoother and less stressful than mine did.