Moving Story

Don’t Move for Love

When I was twenty-one I met the man of my dreams.  My brother had just graduated USMC boot camp and had his Marine buddy come home with him for a visit.  I instantly fell in love with the funny, blonde, freshly graduated Marine.  We hit it off and began texting every day.  Eventually we decided it would be a great idea if I would move from Maine to New Jersey to be closer to him.  We were so head over heels in love; of course, me moving would be the perfect way for us to see each other more.

I decided to go down for a pre-move, to find a place to live, and to put my job transfer in order.  On the way to look at an apartment my car was sideswiped by a huge black bear.  I had lived in Maine my whole life and have never seen a bear, on my first day in New Jersey a huge bear decides to ram itself into the side of my car.  I should have taken it as a sign from God, instead, I picked up the pieces of my car from the road, filled out a police report, and continued with my search for a place to live.

I decided on an apartment and was approved for a job transfer, all on the same day as the horrible bear incident.  I went back to Maine and packed all of my earthly belongings into my poor dented Subaru.  I said my goodbyes to everyone I knew and headed to start my new life with my one and only.  I arrived at my apartment to find there were still tenants in it.  Lack of communication apparently.  I was fortunate enough to be granted permission to stay at my boyfriend’s house.  His house was his parent’s house, an awkward situation, living with people you have never met in a place you are completely unfamiliar with.

I was finally able to move into the apartment.  The apartment was underneath the house of an older couple, a finished portion of their basement.  They had an elaborate security alarm system. I would never know if the alarm was set or not.  If I forgot to set it I was in trouble, if I didn’t know it was on and tried to leave, it would go off, waking them from their constant naps. Life was rough, but I had my love, I didn’t need anything else.

Long distance relationships are a lot different than, an- “oh I live two minutes from you now and I have nothing to do, let’s hang out all the time because I only know you here relationships”.  Needless to say, the love of my life soon began ignoring my texts and calls.  He even decided to go on a vacation with his ex-girlfriend.  I ended up moving back home to Maine.  I learned my lesson the hard way.  Don’t move for love.

My story doesn’t end there, however.  I did end up moving back to New Jersey.  This time I’m here for college.  The guy decided I was worth spending time with and we have since gotten married and are expecting our first child any day now.  This time I didn’t move to be closer to him, but I did end up with my tall, funny, blonde Marine after all.