Moving Story

Hello, my name is Sonya and I would like to share my experience on my last move.  I am a nontraditional student and have two young children at home.  I have moved a total of three times in my life and my latest move will be by far the most memorable.  It all started when I found out I was expecting my second child.  My husband, seven-year-old daughter, and I shared a small two bedroom apartment in Gnadenhutten, Ohio, which was going to be extremely too small to room another child.

About two months into my pregnancy I convinced my husband that it was time to start looking to buy our first home.  After three months of paperwork and searching for a place to call home, we finally found the perfect house.  We were so fortunate because it was located in the same town and just two streets over from our current residence.  The only downfall was I was in my third trimester trying to move a family.

The day before our big move we met the previous owner’s realtor to pick up the keys at our new home.  When we arrived she was inside so we went in only to find that the previous owners had left a majority of their things behind.  Not to mention a fridge full of food, and trash.  The night before we were supposed to move which should have consisted of resting before the big day ended up being spent cleaning up someone else’s belongings in order to be able to clean the house in order to move our things in. Fortunately, this dilemma didn’t keep us from moving forward, we had enough people to lend a hand and after twelve hours of cleaning and a trip to the landfill we were finally ready to move our things in.

Since our new home was only a hop, skip and a jump away, we decided to recruit our friends and family members to help us with our move.  I was eight months pregnant at the time, it was 95 scorching degrees outside and we loaded down three jeeps and one ford pickup truck and made our many trips back and forth in the unbearable heat.  Besides the heat and swollen ankles, mine, of course, I feel that it went very smoothly due to a month’s worth of planning and organization.

I had packed all non-essentials prior to the move, leaving only things needed for everyday living. We moved on a Saturday, and the town we live has a large 4th of July Celebration every year and of course, it fell on the same day as our move.  This added some unneeded stress due to the fact we had many people to maneuver around on the streets because the apartment we lived in was just three blocks away from our town’s park.

I feel that preparation led to us to a smoother move knowing that each box had its specific destination on its label and stacked up in order of importance.  Moving is usually pretty stressful and I have learned that preparation is the key. Without the prior preparation, we may have had to push back moving for a few days if we would have had a lot to pack last minute on top of the extra mess the previous owners had left behind.

Instead, we were able to pull all our resources and moved in before the weekend was over.  I guess many would say that it was an expecting mother going through the nesting phase of her pregnancy, but I feel I would have never made it through the move if it wasn’t for the organization and help of my family and friends.

Even though I doubt I will be moving in the near future, I feel that if we shall ever move again we will more than likely need to rent a moving truck due to our growing family.  I don’t think you really realize all the items that one family can acquire over a short time span, especially a growing one.   I feel that the best tip I have for anyone getting ready for a move is, if possible, make sure you pack things and label and not just throw some items in garbage bags and decide to sort through it after you are moved in. 

The most exhausting and frustrating thing after the move is trying to find and unpack all of the essentials.   In conclusion, I would like to suggest a few things I feel you may need to keep in mind when moving. Try not to move in July heat, or on the day of the town’s firework celebration, and while eight months pregnant.