moving story of Rezwana

The reason for my move to Bloomington in April 2011 was to encourage my youngest daughter as she was mid-way in her degree at IUPUI, Indiana University in Indianapolis, Indiana majoring in Art History at Herron School of Art.  I was living in Henderson, Kentucky and I made an arrangement to be transferred to the Bloomington, Indiana office just less than an hour from my daughter.

I needed to put my things into storage since my apartment would be available until the end of May 2011 and my position required for me to work at the beginning of April.  While putting all my beautiful furniture in a temporary storage, I then made arrangements to stay at a local Bed and Breakfast until my lease signing date 5-6 weeks later, returning to Evansville, Indiana.

The day of the move, I arranged movers from the Henderson who had put my things into storage, to meet me and load up my truck for me in Evansville, Indiana where I put my things in storage.  All went well enough, however the bed that I sold to a daughter of a friend to help pay for my move, her father came to pick up the bed, but didn’t bring the money to pay for the bed. This was an immediate dilemma because I needed this money for gas and to pay the balance that I had left to pay for the movers on both ends.

The movers then accepted the money at a later date on both ends, however, the gas was a problem.  I had just sunk all my disposable money for the lease and deposits of the utilities, so I was counting everything to the penny for the move.  My worst fear was the fact that I was going to run out of gas with the Rental Truck that I drove myself and I was right!

About 45 miles from my destination to unload my furniture at my apartment, I ran out of gas.  I walked up to a local country COOP, who deal with local truck drivers and offering fuel.  I mentioned my dilemma and the manager took my information, then allow me enough gas to get to Bloomington, Indiana.  What a trusting moment that was for the manager to do.  In the meantime I was trying to reach my son who is a doctor in hopes of asking enough money could be wired to me to pay for the additional gas.

I made the arrangements with the manager to return within two days to pay the balance anticipating the help would come from my son.

As hoped, my son then wired the money to his mom, after a local company of college students arrived to unload my furniture was done, I immediately returned to pay the manager of the C00P.  He was so shocked and surprised that not only did I do what I said, but I did it a day ahead of schedule.  I thanked him so much for being so caring and trusting, wanting to truly help a damsel in distress.  Miracles can happen even when it comes to Moving!

My situation changed greatly within a year to find myself unemployed.  My daughter who I came to encourage was now encouraging me to return back to school and finish my undergrad degree.  I said, “If they take my credits after 32 years, I will”.  They did, Indiana University accepted my 32 credits, 32 years later!  Now I’m currently a Junior finishing my studies with another 2 years in finishing my degree.  I know that my pursuit of my career and education will be to travel and study abroad internationally, hoping to spend at least a year in Europe.  I have lived internationally in Quebec, so I do know that you need money when you move and you must plan ahead!

My hopes are that I will have adequate time for the preparation of my desires. I pray scholarships will help fund the rest of my education and my dreams to study abroad as well.  Looks like I’ll be putting my beautiful furniture again in storage for all the opportunities of life ahead!  Why worry too much, miracles can happen even while “Moving”!  Just enjoy the Ride!

My best advice to another student, do all you can to plan, but sometimes you’ll just have to accept the ride, take it from a girl who knows that, “It’s not my first Rodeo” after all,  I was the “Princess of the Norfolk, Nebraska Rodeo” in 1964, I think if I had to, I could even move with a Horse & Conestoga Wagon!