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When moving to Ohio, understand the basics of the area such as the weather, the economy, education, and also a little bit of history about the state. You may feel kind of out of the loop if you didn’t know some basic history of Ohio.

A Little Bit of History

One of the more densely populated states in the United States of America in Ohio. The state is also known to be one of the more extensive and was named in part due to the Northwest Territory. The name means “Great River” but most people today refer to it as simply, the “Buckeye State”.

The capital of the state is Columbus, and the largest metropolitan area is a toss-up between the greater Cleveland and the greater Cincinnati areas. It became a state in 1803 as the 17th state. It is one of the more prominent Midwestern states.


The economy of the state relies heavily on a variety of different industries. The majority of the industry relies heavily on small business development, with a great deal also going towards political leanings. Manufacturing and financial activities only account for less than 20% of GDP which is interesting considering the proximity the area has to the rest of the eastern United States.

The highest concentration of jobs in the state is trade and transportation, while utilities are a third, all of which employ over one million Ohioans. The government is also a big employer, and it is one of the states that have its very own lottery system. Only 41 states have their own state lottery system, which contributes to the overall GDP of the state.


For those seeking higher education opportunities in the state, there are a lot of choices to look into. The state has one of the largest concentrations of higher learning centers in the country with several major universities gaining major popularity due to their sports teams. Some of the more prominent colleges in the state include Ohio State University, Wright State University, Bowling Green State University, University of Cincinnati, Cleveland State University, Ohio University, and many others. Several of the schools in the state have been listed among the best colleges in the nation according to US News.


The climate in Ohio is somewhat moderate for a great deal of the seasons but then turns into a more humid subtropical in the summer. The winters can be harsh as it is located in what is known as the Snowbelt. The extreme weather can last long but often times stick to the few winter months, while spring can bleed into summer and create a good moderate and temperate climate pattern.

For those of you who are really considering hiring movers in Ohio, take this information into consideration. Also, look into each individual major city in Ohio and see which one fits you the best.