Moving Story

For a 19-year-old girl, I sure do have a lot of stuff. I never really realized it until I decided to move into an apartment with my friends Bella and Evan in Massillon, Ohio. Bella, Evan, and I registered and attended Kent State Stark University in the fall of 2013. All three of us attended Highland High School in Medina County and decided to get an apartment together in Stark County. We got the apartment so we could be closer to the school; had we not gotten an apartment, it would have been a forty-five-mile drive there and back every day. With how expensive gas is today, those daily treks would have been financially draining.

I was not sure of my future plans, I was only sure that I would be attending Kent State Stark for two semesters. However, I now know my plans, and it turns out my life in this new apartment will be very temporary. I wish I knew or considered that when I moved in, because I would not have brought so much stuff!

The furniture I brought was a couch with a pull-out bed, a coffee table, two giant dressers, and a recliner, all from my grandmother’s basement. I also brought my own mattress, a wooden bed base on its last limb, and a desk I got off on Craigslist. Along with these large pieces of furniture, I also brought everything I owned. CDs, movies, posters, journals, games, clothes, makeup, and the list goes on. The three of us incoming college freshmen moved into the apartment at Amberwood with the help of our parents.

My father packed as much as he could in his 1988, rundown Chevrolet truck while the little things were packed into my car. Bella’s giant van helped transport some of the furniture as well. The moving process was relatively easy; the hardest was gathering everything and packing it into our vehicles, while the easy part was getting everything into the two bedrooms, two bath apartment, filling every space, cabinet, closet, and drawer. In fact, decorating the place with our posters and knickknacks was a very fun experience.

Living in Amberwood Apartments was a terrific experience. We suffered from no problems with the apartment nor the management. The area was lovely, with plenty of shops and restaurants. Living with my friends was really cool, and our place was just very nice. Alas, my stay became temporary when I made the decision to attend Kent State University’s main campus in fall 2014. Although I enjoyed my experience in the apartment and at the Stark campus, I had to leave and was sorry to see it go.

My friends and I agreed to officially move out on April 30th to avoid paying May’s rent. Bella also made plans to attend another school in the fall semester. Evan will be staying at the Stark campus, so he is now making plans to move into another, less expensive apartment.

Now, the moving out process seemed much more difficult than moving in. Every weekend that I returned home for work in the final month of our stay, I brought a box or two of stuff back with me. Again, my father drove his truck out to Massillon to gather the furniture. It took him two trips this time because Bella’s van was not available at the time to help. The rest of my stuff was packed into my car. Moving out was stressful because access stuff accumulated over time, and trying to figure out whose stuff was whose proved to be difficult.

From the move, I learned that so much stuff should not be moved in if the stay is very temporary. I am very thankful for all of my parents’ help, but I also feel guilty for putting them through the stressful process. I should have thought things through more realistically when moving in. I should have considered it a lot more whether I planned on staying and living there for more semesters to come.

Next time I move, I need to consider whether it is a permanent or temporary move. If it is only temporary, I should not take all of my belongings. I think all students need to keep this in mind. It is not worth it to put yourself and your family through the trouble of moving so much stuff when you may be back home on the weekends or in the summer. Overall, the experience was not too bad, I just need to be more considerate next time!