Moving Story

When I was in 3rd grade my family moved from Illinois to Ohio. Now, this was definitely not the biggest move my family had been through. Before Illinois we lived in Minnesota and before Minnesota we lived in Sydney, Australia. My father is an engineer and received a great job offer so we packed up our house and headed off to our new home. My dad’s new company paid to have a moving company transport all of our things. I remember that it was snowing everywhere and the roads were completely white. After the long slippery drive, we finally made it.

The moving company made our move very easy. They came into our home in Illinois, packed up all of our belongings, and helped label what rooms the items belonged in. They loaded everything on the truck and helped unload it all into the new house. My mother said that it was the best move we had because of all the help from the company. Previously we had moved without a moving company, which is stressful and a lot of hard work. This move taught our family that hiring a moving company creates a much easier transition. I know that the next time my family moves we will hire a moving company.

Next time I move I will try to replicate our last move because everything went so smoothly. My advice to students moving is to label all boxes so when they move in they know exactly where each box needs to be carried. I recommend sorting objects as you pack so everything is organized when it is being unpacked. Using a moving company will also prevent a ton of stress. When I moved into my dorm it barely required any effort so I almost don’t consider it a real move. Next year though I’m moving into an apartment so I know I will be trying to keep the move as organized and stress-free as possible. Moving to a new place is an exciting time and it shouldn’t be ruined by the stress of packing, transporting, and unloading.

Something that helped in our last move was buying little color-coded stickers. Then we assigned each room a color Even if for some reason a box wasn’t labeled we could see the sticker and know which room we should go to. This especially helped my younger sister who wanted to help us carry in the lighter boxes while she was still learning how to read. Another piece of advice is to number each colored sticker as you place it on the box and just write a quick note down about what is inside.

Then write down how many boxes of each color sticker you had. This way when you arrive at your new destination you can count each box after it’s been sorted to ensure everything has been unpacked and made it. This will also help if a box is missing because you can easily figure out what number it was and identify what was in it. It sounds like a hassle but these little things can make all the difference and help prevent things from going wrong in a move. The less stressful a move is the more exciting it can be!