Moving Story

My Moving Experience

My family lived in our old house since we came to Texas in 2002. Around the beginning of 2011, my parents had been talking about moving to a new house. However, in the spring of 2011, my father lost his management job, so we had to make many financial changes until he was able to obtain new work.

This meant, we thought, no new house. But our luck was better than we thought, and in the fall, my father found an even higher paying job. We knew that if we still wanted to move, that was the time to do it. And so we quickly set to work on fixing up the house to be presentable in order to sell quickly. We installed hardwood floors, granite countertops, and new doorknobs and bathroom appliances. The house sold by the end of December that year.

The house sold so quickly, in fact, that we were forced to move into an apartment with no time to build a new one. We moved half of our furnishings into a storage unit, and the other half we moved in our SUV, probably taking a good 15 trips to do it.

For the heavy furniture like couches and beds, we hired a small moving company. We didn’t bother packing our clothes; instead, we just piled them, still on their hangers, in the trunk.

Living in the apartment was horrible. We are a family of four who went from a big house where everyone could do their own thing into a tiny three-bedroom apartment with only 1,200 sq. ft. to move around in.  The small kitchen was right inside the living room, and the couch in the living room was butted up against the eating table. Not once did we use the table either. It took too much effort to move the couch in order to sit, so we just ate on the couch for those few months. Also, we only had room for one television, so all four of us kept fighting over what to watch. That new house just wasn’t being built fast enough.

Once we had our new house built, nearing the end of May that year, we moved once again. My parents had learned their lesson from the first move and hired a moving company for everything, not just the big stuff. Moving into the new house was a much better experience for that matter. However, I had been sick that week so I was unable to help. It was hard to make sure my things were placed in the right room. We stayed in the same city throughout the double move.

I think the one big thing I learned is that it is best to save up for a moving company and not try to tackle it alone. That is especially what I will be doing once I am out of college and on my own. The best advice I can give to students is to collect used boxes that are headed for the trash. Some good places are grocery stores and furniture stores.

Just ask if they have any cardboard boxes you could have. Even check your work, as they might be more inclined to give them away. The reason I give this advice is that: 1. you will always have more stuff than you think, and 2. buying sets of boxes at moving stores can become costly. Reusing boxes is also a good thing to do if you don’t make it in one trip. Just unload the boxes in the new place and then take them back to the old place to pack again.