moving story of Rezwana

Growing up in Little Chute, it’s always been my desire to keep my kids in the Little Chute School District. I was in college, married with two kids when I fell pregnant with my youngest, while on birth control. We needed to move as we were in a pretty small two bedroom apartment. We found a very nice, nearly 1300 square foot townhouse. I was 7 1/2 months pregnant with my 3rd and youngest child, which the landlord was aware of and fully accepted our family.

We moved in with a one year lease. They offered to renew our lease and we agreed. Less than a month before the new lease started we were given a 5-day eviction for having 5 people in a 2 bedroom unit! We ended up stuck in this cramped, stinky, broken-down apartment but it was still in the Little Chute School District. We had to rent a truck to move everything. My parents, brother and husband’s friend all helped us move.

We encountered maggots the day we were moving in. This new experience would prove beyond horrific. The toilet wouldn’t flush and maintenance claimed it was our fault (although we just moved in)! We had to purchase extra storage cabinets just to fit our stuff in. The two “mini” bathroom drawers were so small I don’t even think my sandal could fit in! The kitchen was so tiny that if my husband and I were cooking together, we were constantly bumping into each other. In order to make cut-out Christmas cookies, we had to bring all the ingredients and tools to the kitchen table to get a bit of space.

Our neighbors were so loud and disruptive that items would fall off our walls. They illegally hacked into someone’s cable and when the cable company came to shut it off, they also shut ours off. I recall I was in the middle of an online college exam and the Internet cut out! On one occurrence, the hall doors were broke, so maintenance locked them from one end. This sent the fire department over because this was a fire exit!  We got a note on our door that kids were not allowed to use their bikes or scooters on the public sidewalk. Really? The public sidewalk is exactly that – public!

We have filed a lawsuit a month ago due to illegal wrongdoings on their end. After two years we finally found an adequate duplex, across the street from a school/park. From this prior move, I learned even with a witness; do not trust anyone’s word of mouth. Get everything in writing. Our prior landlord verbally told us that we were allowed to move in as long as we move prior to the baby being born. When we asked what happens afterwards she had replied that it was ok since we’d be in a lease.

Our credit was not the best so we had to pay three months’ rent up front in addition to the security deposit. Thankfully my mother was present when we signed the lease as she borrowed us some money.

My best advice to anyone when moving is to always get everything in writing and signed. Don’t take any verbal promises as they will cause you a horrific hassle as well as could lead to your civil rights being violated, as in my case. The worst part of this case is that the prior landlords that kicked us out were very well known to the community. They have appeared on television for an Extreme Home Makeover in this area. They have the audacity to do this good deed for a family while trying to throw another family on the street simply for having a baby. This experience has also taught me that one good deed doesn’t necessarily mean all good deeds.