Moving Story

Graduating in December of my senior year I decided to go straight to college the following January. This is quite a feat whenever the college I am attending, Avila University is two hours away from my house located in Bolivar, Missouri. My roommate had been here for the first semester so she was already comfortably settled in the room and I arranged my stuff so that it naturally fit around hers. The day before the move I wanted the last night with my friends. We stayed up until 4 in the morning talking, grabbing McDonald’s and goofing around whenever I had told my parents that they would be helping me pack up a little be.

Advice for anyone who has a move coming up: never plan on getting anything done if your friends are over for the last hurrah. It will not get done and it will be disappointing the next day when you realize that was on your list to do. It’s either friends or packing. Yes doing both is possible, but when it comes to students realize that it isn’t probable. That is the only thing I would do differently. I would actually pack some the night before so it isn’t such a rush the next day. Anyways, when I woke up the next morning, as foreshadowed, nothing had been packed, let alone put into my car.

Luckily my parents were 100% behind my move. That’s another piece of advice for you all; always have someone that supports you, help you. Going to college is something that my parents have known was coming for years and they knew it wouldn’t be close to home so they have been preparing themselves. Having people with me who only want the best for me made the move so much easier, and a lot less scary. If I would have had to move all alone I probably would have cried, but having the two most important people in my life with me was a saving grace.

It took my car, a 2006 Scion xB, and a couple seats of my dads’ car, a 2013 Dodge Avenger, to hold all my stuff. Everything was fit in like a perfect jig saw puzzle. When we arrived at the school we had to go to the Campus Life and get my key. We knew from the beginning were the room was and that we had to go up two flights of stairs, or use the tiny elevator. I am so glad we saw the room though if you are able, look at the room, or house, or wherever you will be living before you actually move all your stuff in. Since I had seen my dorm, and knew I was going to be sharing it, I tried to pack semi-light so that I was able to have everything I needed without feeling like my room was more claustrophobic then it needed to be.

Since we were prepared my dad had brought a dolly with him, one like you would use to move a heavy piece of furniture. We used it to pack as much as we could into one trip. This dolly was a lifesaver. All in all, we made three trips to my room to move stuff in. Granted, my mother and I were also loaded down with stuff and not just the dolly. It took about 30 minutes to get things in a general place.

My father helped set up my TV, blue ray player, and all my other technology. This was perfect because I am not very technologically savvy when it comes to setting it up. I can use it, I just am not good with all the hooking up of wires and knowing what wires I would need.

It’s a good idea to have someone like that with you if you happen to be the same way. After my parents felt that I could handle the rest of the moving as they headed back home. I spent the next few hours putting away my clothes, and all the small stuff that just needed its’ own place to go. As that was going on I met my new roommate and talked with her. Finishing up the placement of objects and my conversation with her, I called it quits for the night and went to bed with a day well spent.

I wish that someone had shared the advice that’s been told throughout the essay because I feel it would have helped me immensely. I learned it on my own, though, and I also learned that while moving is a huge feat it can also be the greatest step you can take in regard to your future.