Moving Story

I moved from my hometown of Bethlehem, PA to my university located in West Chester, PA which is around an hour and forty-five minutes’ drive. I wanted to attend a university far enough from my house that it was a new area, however not too far that I couldn’t spontaneously go home on the weekend. Plus West Chester is a state school, therefore the cheapest tuition you can find in Pennsylvania.

I moved with my dad using his truck. Amazingly we were able to fit everything in there and I was a freshman living in the dorms so I didn’t need to bring much large furniture such as a bed, dresser, and desk. However, after moving out of the dorms and into a house off campus, it was more difficult. Then I had to bring much more furniture and also pack my small Ford Focus with some things that couldn’t fit in my dad’s truck.

It was pretty stressful, especially since I wasn’t sure if we would have to make more than one trip which really would’ve consumed our whole day. Also worrying about whether my mattress would fall out of the back of my dad’s truck going down the Pennsylvania Turnpike wasn’t much fun. Thankfully we got everything moved to West Chester with no problems and the two years after it was much easier moving my furniture to another house in the same town.

After this experience, I know how important it is to have friends and family that own trucks and that are also willing to help you move. Bungee cords definitely come in handy. Planning ahead of time, what pieces will go where is helpful as well. Another important thing is utilizing empty items to pack more things such as drawers, laundry baskets, and boxes. I would definitely recommend enticing your helpers with a reward such as ice cream when you’re finished!

The next time I move will actually be next week to a new apartment located 10 minutes from the house I’m renting now. My roommate drives a truck so we should be able to move everything in a few trips and if my dad helps as well then we can get it done in a few hours. I won’t be doing too much differently because I’m a college student and therefore it’s not financially practical for me to hire movers for my stuff. I would love to have movers take care of it all, especially bringing the large items up to the stairs and through doors.

If I was in the position, money wise, where I could hire movers I definitely would. If there were moving companies which offered special rates for college students at the beginning and end of semesters, I would consider taking advantage of that. However, in my area, I haven’t seen any moving companies offering these kinds of promotions.

I would definitely recommend students to use a moving company if they can afford it (or maybe mom and dad want to chip in?). It definitely is much easier and stress-free. If students can’t use this option, then definitely recruit friends and family with trucks! Also, make sure to be very grateful to the people helping you out! Moving really isn’t fun and no one really wants to volunteer to do it. Check with local moving companies and see if they have some kind of promotion for college students!