moving story of Rezwana

This moving story comes from Coureney M, a student from Jacksonville University.

Moving can be a hard time in someone’s life. This is how my life has been since a very young age. My father is in the military and with that, we have to move all the time. I have lived in six states and eight homes. The states I have lived in are California, Arizona, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maine, and Florida.

Thanks to the military, they are nice enough to help us move. They donate a moving truck to help us get from one state to another. My experience with moving has been fun but stressful. Having to find a new home to live in each state is not the easiest thing to do. Then there is finding a new school to enroll in.  I have gone to nine schools in the twelve years I have been in school. I feel my experience moving is just as hard because I have to meet new friends. Having to leave people when you get to know them is very upsetting.

What I have learned from the experience of moving is education. Being able to move let me see more of the United States than ever. Even though I didn’t live in those states, our family still drove through them. Being able to stop at the sites and seeing educational places are worth my time. I have gained so much knowledge from moving. Not only do I get to see multiple states, but also get to learn about the state I’m moving to.

The next time I move, I will plan in advance to do things. I will look at schools before getting to the state where we are moving to. We will also go house searching a few months before we have to move to make it easier on our family. If I had to give advice for people who move, I would tell them just one thing. Don’t panic! You need to just stay calm because moving can be stressful for everyone. There is a lot of paperwork involved with moving so your parents may be really stressed. My advice would be to do anything you can to help out. Even if it’s something small like packing boxes or sweeping the floors. Anything could help.

Being a military child has changed me. It has shown me much responsibility especially in the moving process. It teaches me to take an order and pay attention to what needs to be done. If not, things will become chaotic and it won’t get done. I enjoy moving because of the experience and knowledge I get to explore but I even enjoy more just being in one place at a time.

This allows me to get to know the place a little better more than just living in a place for only a few years at a time. I’m a senior in high school who is ready to get out and explore more cultures. When I graduate high school and go to college, I’m going to study abroad and move to other states where I can explore more things. Even though moving is hard and stressful, it’s never impossible.