moving story of Rezwana

On some day on 2006, my day started just as normal as every other day. I went to school and took the bus home. But, when I got home, this is where it all changed. There were about three family members with their trucks loading everything from my house into them. I walked into my house scared and confused and went to find my mother. She then began to explain to me that her and my brother were moving into her boyfriend’s home and that I had to go live with my grandparents. I didn’t understand this at first, who could just leave their child like this on such short notice? As I packed my room up, I cried and cried, not knowing what to do. The time has come, I’m moving.

Once I got everything packed and ready to go, my grandfather picked me up. Luckily my grandparents didn’t live too far from my house or it would have been even harder than it was in the first place. We didn’t need a moving company because most of the people in my family had trucks. I also didn’t need to use anything else because it was just me moving into my grandparents. I looked my grandfather in the eyes and cried, not wanting to leave my family.

I didn’t understand why I had to leave and everyone else got to go with my mother. I knew this was probably for the best though. I was going to be able to live with my two favorite people in the world. When we got to my grandparents’ house I unloaded my stuff and laid in my new bed.

My experience with my grandparents was bittersweet. I loved the fact that I lived with two people who would give me the world, but didn’t understand how a mother could do this to her daughter. Who abandons their daughter like that? The phone calls and visits from my mother because short and distance, soon equaling to none at all. I would try to visit her and she just wouldn’t respond. I didn’t know my father, so that meant I couldn’t even go visit him and have a parent figure.

My grandparents tried comforting me as well as they could, but nothing can really fix the feeling that a parent could leave like that. At the age of 20, I still don’t understand why I was forced to move out like that. Without even notice, just coming home and noticing that all of your belongings were getting packed and ready to leave.

During my move, I learned about myself. I became independent because I didn’t really have a parental figure to teach me besides my elder grandparents. This also made me more distant to people to. It made me fear that I will always be left because of what my mother did to me. If I could change this occurrence some years ago I would. I would never want this to happen to anyone because of the heartache it causes one person. The advice that I could give to someone that is moving is this: don’t take anything for granted because it can be gone in a heartbeat. Also, that you should appreciate your surroundings because you never realize how much you will miss it until it’s gone. Be strong during your moves too. If you are a strong person, you can accomplish anything in this world. I still live with my grandparents, and I couldn’t be more grateful for everything that they’ve done for me these past years. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for moving in with them.