kids party time

When it comes to farewell parties there is something different you are trying to accomplish. You are reminiscing, at some level, while entertaining. Most farewell parties are bitter sweet and have the potential for a drab tone rather than a celebratory tone if not executed correctly.

While you do not want to rejoice that you are leaving, you have to admit there is a certain excitement that comes with the new move and the unknown. You want to temper your desire to move with a courtesy to the ones staying.

Remember you are leaving their homes and their city so leave with a gracious spirit. Do not leave with a spirit of condescension for anyone who remains. Most importantly do not take this time to elaborate how miserable you were living there.

So in your party incorporate some of the great local food and drinks that you will not get elsewhere. This praises the town you are leaving and gives you the opportunity to get one last bite before you depart.

You might also want to include some photography from your stay. If you have been there a while this should be relatively easy. If you were not there long, then gather some photos of the local scenery and have them staged around your party. It allows for some funny stories to be told and also conjures up some sentimental feelings for ‘the old place’.

One great idea is to develop some way to get everyone’s email, Skype or social media profile. Phone numbers are great but if you moving long distance or internationally they become irrelevant. Skype is typically one of the better ways to stay connected because you can video call or instant message those long lost contacts from your previous move.

On our last move we were presented with a “Sayonara Doll” which is a Japanese doll wrapped in a scroll. It allowed everyone one to write a personal message and also would be a great place to capture some contact information. Something similar would be a great touch to the farewell party.

One last great touch that most farewell parties include is a speech by those who are leaving. If you are the introvert, prepare yourself. You can write out everything you want to say or you can ad lib if you are thoughtful enough.

Also remember when moving to acquire all the moving tips possible in order to ensure a successful relocation.

Just be sure to say a collective “thank you” and highlight the great friendships, food and places that will be missed. Keep it brief yet personalized and you will find people are appreciative and moved. Think through how you intend to farewell everyone, and do it in a classy yet memorable way (this means you being coherent enough to string together some thoughtful words at this point in the party).