right wrong doing

Moving company reviews are just part of what helps a customer make a decision to choose your company over another. Just a sprinkle of bad reviews within a few good ones can tip the scale for a moving business that would either have customers ready to call you to negotiate their move or simply go to another company.

The thing about these moving company reviews is that they all should be taken with a grain of salt for many reasons. One such reason is the legitimacy of these reviews that are posted on some of these websites. If a moving company review section is laced with nothing short of glowing comments, it does not always mean that the company may be the right one for you or that the comments are even factual.

In this world where moving companies are vying for your attention, they can do just about anything to woo you, even if it means producing information that is less than factual.

Having observed how other non-moving company reviews work, most of them use bribe tactics to get customers (and sometimes non-customers) to say good things about their company. Just recently on a popular social network, there was actually a burgeoning clothing store that was soliciting people to go over and say nice things about the company in order to win one of three designer bags.

Of course, the influx of reviews was phenomenal; the winners got their bags and the company reviews remain online to woo unsuspected buyers.

A week later, one of the reviewers had made her first transaction with the company and needless to say the service was so bad that she had to cancel her order. Ultimately there was no way she could retract her first statement; the owner would not let her on the website to do so.

Taking all the aforementioned into perspective, it tells you a lot about how careful we ought to be when we start reading local moving company reviews. Moving experts would tell you to pay particular attention to the bad reviews and seek out consistencies. For instance, if a few customers are claiming that a particular moving company always shows up late or that the movers were unprofessional, then this would mean that you should look elsewhere.

Similarly, if there is nothing but sugar flowing from one moving company’s reviews, be mindful of the “too good to be true” axiom. In preparation for this article, we actually had one of our readers contact us to say that they signed up for an Internet company without reading the online reviews. It was after placing their order by phone they did their research only to find out that the problems with the Internet company from subscribers were so bad that a website was actually created for negative feedback.

The reader said he tried to cancel his subscription after reading the reviews but was told that the device was already on its way and he could mail it back. He said that he decided to hook up the device when he received it and he has not had any problems with it since receiving it some six months ago.

Case in point: make a wise decision about the moving company that you choose after reading reviews. It’s one that moving experts refer to as taking an “educated risk.” Also remember that while great comments may appear on the company’s main website, do a little more digging and researching for the company; you may find customers complaining about them at other websites.