single woman

Single females are definitely doing it all for themselves including moving! More females are opting to live alone and while their independence is admirable there is no ignoring the unsafe situations that can plague a woman when she decides to live and move alone. A recent report has cited that during and after a move a large percentage of women have been targeted for burglary among other things. But with proper planning and adhering to precautionary measures, women would be able to enjoy the peace and serenity of their home minus the unwanted interruptions.

Long before you decide to move you should notify all your neighbors, friends and family about your intentions to do so. For those currently renting an apartment, you can also let your landlord know in advance that you plan to move and where you are going but make sure that he does not share your new address with anyone.

Until you are fully moved in, it would be wise for you to rent a mail box at the post office to collect mail or you can even have the mail redirected to your office. The next thing on your “to do” list would be to seek out a professional moving company and while this may sound easy, it is a tough job especially since the moving industry has a high rate of start-ups each year.

It is always good to shop around for a good moving company and it would also help if you were to get references and recommendations from some of your friends and family who have recently moved. If you are still not sure about which moving company you should go with, then you can also check out the company’s profile on the Better Business Bureau’s website.

Take a day or two to just drive around your new home before moving so as to be able to embrace your immediate surroundings. Map out the distance your new home is from the supermarket, your favorite restaurant and places that you usually frequent. This would save you the trouble of doing too much driving around when you get to your new home.

When moving day arrives and you get to your new home, do not be too quick to make friends with your new neighbors. Even if they introduce themselves to you a few days after you are all moved in, you should never allude to the fact that you are living single. If your move is a do-it-yourself project, then you should have someone watching over your items in the truck as you go back and forth unloading it.

In the first few days after you have moved in, try working on unpacking, changing the locks on the door and stepping up security on all your windows and doors. You may want to consider installing a security alarm system in your home so as to put your mind at ease so that you are guaranteed a good night’s sleep every night. Also in order not to tempt a burglar with your household possessions, it is recommended that you keep your drapes closed from prying eyes.

There is no doubt that you may wish to install cable and telephone in your new home and most of the times when the jobs cannot get done from the outside, the service person representing these companies would be required to enter your home to complete their work.

If this is the case then make sure that you have someone at your home on the day that the service persons are scheduled to be at your home. The service person should never know that you live by yourself so each time they are expected to show, make sure you have a friend with you.

Finally, as a woman, you may also be trusting of other women and may be compelled to be a little bit more lenient if a strange woman were to come to your door asking for assistance than you would a man. Keep in mind that there are female burglars out there too and it would be in your best interest to avoid having contact with them no matter the situation.