safety practice

These days self-move is more popular than ever and while they save you a chunk of money than if you were to hire a moving company, it can also prove to be risky business especially if it is your first go at it.

Most moving companies have professional movers on hand that are able to twist and turn, lift and bend their bodies this way and that in order to wriggle out furniture and other household items even from the tightest spaces.

When you decide a self-move you would be moving the items yourself with a help from a few friends and family. Do you think you would be equipped for the job? To get prepared for a self-move there are a few things that should be on your “must-have” list in order to pull off a successful move.

Foremost you would need to arm yourself with the right type of moving equipment in order to secure and lift your items to take them safely to the moving vehicle. You should first protect your body by investing in a few back braces for you and your helpers so that bending and stretching would not leave the lot of you in great pain after the move. Even before using the brace it would be wise to do a few warm-up exercises where you can get a chance to stretch those muscles and get your body ready for the move. Exercise would not only help in loosening your muscles it would also prevent joint and body ache after the move.

Another important item during your move would be an appliance dolly which can be purchased as well as rented. It is ideal for carrying around household items that are both big and small. The dolly is on wheels and has straps on them to perfectly secure any items lifted. And to protect your household items from getting scratched or damaged during the move you would also need to get some moving blankets which are a good investment since they can last you up to 10 years.

Even how you dress for the move should also be taken into consideration as moving gurus would tell you; foremost is that you wear comfortable shoes to go back and forth and one that would be easy on your feet and back. In addition, moving experts advise that you avoid wearing loose clothing as they can easily get caught up in items that may either destroy or clothing or injure you in the process. You should also avoid wearing jewelry while you love for the risk of losing it or having it get hooked up to something that may cause it to come undone.

It goes without saying that moving is indeed a stressful event more, so for a self-move and one can come away from the whole ordeal with a lot of bodily aches and pain. Even during the move you may develop a headache, someone could get injured while moving a sharp item and a host of other unfortunate possibilities. For that, you should always have a first aid kit on hand that is equipped with everything from bandages to pain relievers.

Above all ensure that you have enough refreshments and snacks to take you and your moving crew throughout the day.