saving money

There is no easy way to say it but moving is indeed an expensive project that we all must undertake at some point in our lives. There are some of us who can afford it and there are those who cannot. For those who cannot afford it they may be tempted to max out their credit card in order to pay off their bills. But just think how much more debt you would be putting yourself in if you had to add that convenient credit card expense to the rest of your already grim financial picture.

You can avoid extra expenses for your move if you are able to save money towards it. If you are planning to rent a home, your moving costs may include getting the first and last month’s rent plus you may also want to replace some old furniture in your current home a well. If you have a projected month that you wish to move, then it would be a good thing to start saving your money some nine months in advance. In the months leading up to your move try to put aside at least 50 dollars to 100 dollars a month in a bank account that you rarely use.

Even if you don’t have an account to spare, you should think about opening up a new account just for moving expenses. Ask the bank teller about opening an account that would reward you with a high-interest rate. If you think you may be tempted to touch the money that you have set aside for the moving company then ask the bank teller about getting an account that would prevent you from withdrawing your money too early.

While you are building your savings, try not to spend unnecessary money elsewhere. For instance, you may have a sofa that you’ve owned for over 10 years and you may be thinking about purchasing a new set. If wear and tear is the only problem that you have with the sofa then you should hold off on the new purchase and opt for either reupholstering or purchasing a few slipcovers for the sofa instead.

And if the furniture is uncomfortable to sit on and you must get a replacement, then shop at a few garage sales in your neighborhood where you are always guaranteed to get a good deal. There are a few furniture stores out there that even have great prices on their items as well but you really need to shop around so that you can lock in to a price that would suit your pocket. As you save for your moving expenses, you and your family would also have to cut back on a lot of things including taking family vacations, eating out etc.

Remember that your situation would not last forever and it’s worth it if you can move into a new home after you have paid your moving company in cash. Just think how fulfilling would feel to be able to move into your new home without having a large bill looming over your head to repay.