moving story of Rezwana

I have moved many times in my life and I still have not come to a place to settle. One of my favorite authors, Dave Mustaine, wrote that “moving on is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard”. I have lost friends and lost touch with family members due to moving. I could never restore those relationships. Before coming to America, my father moved a lot because the nature of his job required him to move. Moving was easy because everything was done for us, all we had to do was move ourselves.

I came to America in September of 1990 and started seventh grade. It was a culture shock, unable to communicate and not knowing the culture had a big impact on me. I struggled through middle school realizing that I am different and many people do not appreciate it. We moved to New York City from California, so that my parents could find a job.

We barely had enough money for food and shelter. My father gave up his profession as an electrical engineer and he works as a security officer to provide me and my siblings with an opportunity for a better education. Moving was extremely hard because we basically left everything in California just took few clothes and necessitates. For many years I thought New York is my home.

I got married in December 2000 and my journey once again began. I moved from Queens, NY to Brooklyn, NY. Both being student, we did not have money to hire a company to move. Therefore, our friends helped us. I boxed and packed everything. It was a nightmare and looking back, I don’t think I can do that again ever in my life. My life in Brooklyn NY did not last long, I moved again to Chicago because of my husband’s acceptance to University of Chicago. Once again, I left everything and started a new life in Chicago.

I lived for three years and we moved to Richmond VA in 2006. This time we hired a local mover because we had a child and accumulated many things over the four years. We boxed and packed ourselves, but still moving was very expensive and stressful. We stayed at Richmond VA for four years before my husband decided to continue his education at UPMC.

We spend around nine thousand dollars to move everything since we had two kids, two cars, and a whole lot of things. Yet, we did not stay too long before we moved to Jacksonville FL in 2012 and my husband started a job at Baptist Medical Center. This was the best move because the company paid for it and it was just smoother. We used Mayflower Moving Company and we realized how stress-less moving can be.

I learned that moving can be very stressful for adults. The kids are very open to change but it was hard for me to find new friends and getting used to new environment. At times, I felt very vulnerable and unhappy. Yet, moving can enlighten you as well, meeting new people and new culture makes you realize who you are. Even in the same country, Chicago is so much different from Jacksonville, and I learn to appreciate others and their unique characteristics. I believe that moving had a big impact on me. I am a well-rounded person.

I am not sure what future holds for me. I am keeping an open mind to moving. This time I am definitely hiring well-known movers. Planning ahead is very important to move so you are not overwhelmed. My move to Richmond was extremely stressful because I did not plan ahead and being pregnant made it very difficult to pack faster, we had to reschedule our move date. The most important thing to do if you know you are moving is to pack unessential now, like china or decorative pieces. Start planning six weeks before the move date and plan to pack at least one box a day. It helped a great deal for the last move. Many say moving and divorce can have the same effect on couples but organized moving can be beneficial especially if it open doors to a new opportunity. Most importantly, couples, friends and family members need to know the goal and the benefit of moving, as Henry Ford once said, “if everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”.