woman saving money

If you had the opportunity to save with your moving company during your next home relocation, would you do it? The answer would always be a resounding “yes”. Let’s not kid ourselves, these are indeed tough economic times that we are living in and everyone is trying to cut back on spending any way that they can. There are quite a few ways in which you can have extra cash left over when you hire a professional mover.

One of the first things to do when searching out a moving company is to get moving quotes from some three or four other companies. You are not only doing this to compare prices but if there is one mover who may be slightly higher than the rest, he may be willing to lower his price somewhat in order to match his competitors and still keep your business.

Even if the moving company does not wish to match the price of another mover, ask about their bundle packages which would also be a good way to save. You may find a moving company that also does packing and unpacking services or perhaps they may offer storage services for your more treasured items such as artwork or even heirlooms. What the moving company can do for you is to offer you a good price by bundling up the services.

Even if you do not find a moving company that would offer these extra services, they may be able to put you in touch with an affiliate company who may also offer the bundle package; all you have to do is ask.

If you have a flexible moving date, you may want to negotiate on that as well. The weekends are usually popular moving days; also popular are the beginning and end of the month. If you can move when it isn’t so busy in the world of moving such as during the week, then suggest a week date to your movers and find out if they offer discounts on those days. Remember to also take advantage of the moving months that are also not popular like during the winter season up until April.

Finally as much as we are encouraging ways for you to cut costs with the movers, do not fall for those moving companies that are ridiculously cheaper than the rest. Usually these are scam artists who are trying to make easy money. They are the ones who would compromise quality and professional service with shoddy work and bad business practices.