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You can’t always pick your moving date. Ideally moving would only occur in warm weather during a month when nothing else is happening, but what happens if your lease is up during the holiday season, you must relocate for your job by the beginning of the year or you found the perfect house and want to move in right away? I suggest you follow a few moving tips that allow you to move and celebrate the holiday successfully.

Alter Your Holiday Traditions

Photo by: Valerie (Flickr)

Photo by: Valerie (Flickr)

You are simply too busy to move and participate in all the holiday traditions you normally enjoy. Prioritize the activities in which you’ll participate and pare down the celebration to fit your busy schedule. Yes, your holiday may not be as festive as it usually is, but the sacrifice is worth it since you’re gaining a new home.

  • Instead of baking dozens of cookies, bake one kind or buy your favorite type.
  • Go caroling with your neighbors one last time before you move, but set a time limit so that you have time for other activities on your busy schedule.
  • Take advantage of online sources to shop for gifts and ship gifts directly from the online site.
  • Decorate only the new house with garland and a few lights.

Gather Supplies as Soon as Possible

With the holiday rush, you may be competing with gift givers for boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap. Minimize stress when you start collecting these essential materials as soon as possible.

Plan a Packing Party

You may not have time to host a big holiday party this year, but you can host an intimate packing party. Turn on the Christmas music and invite your friends, family members, neighbors and coworkers to help you pack up your house. If everyone brings an appetizer, drink, or cookies to share, all you need to provide are the supplies and a good organizational system.

Stay Organized

When you move during the holiday season, you need to be ultra-organized. You can’t afford to misplace the gifts in with the packed boxes or be unable to contact utility companies because of the holiday vacation. With that in mind, I suggest you:

  • Write a detailed checklist of everything you have to do.
  • Label each box with the contents and room in which they belong. Use big letters and color code each room for easy reference.
  • Pack a few boxes with supplies for the first night in your new house. Those boxes should include bedding, food, water, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, medicine, IDs, and cash.

Let Your Cards do Double Duty

Christmas cards allow you to stay in touch with friends near and far, so let your cards pull double duty this year. Order cards from a printer who will also mail them, and be sure your new address is printed on the cards.

Address the Snow

Typical holiday weather might mean snow. With a high-quality snow shovel and ice melting material, keep your driveway and walkways clear to prevent your packing helpers from slipping and to keep your home’s floors clean.

Hire a Moving Company

A full-service moving company may be the best way to limit stress as you move during the holidays. They pack and label everything in your home and transport it safely to your new home. I strongly recommend this tip because it ensures you move successfully and enjoy the holidays too.

Moving during the holiday season may not be ideal. It can be completed successfully, however, as you prioritize organization, and I suggest you take time to savor a favorite cookie or two.