moving to city suburb area

One of the more difficult decisions you may have to make when moving is deciding on whether to live in the suburbs or in the city. This decision can become even more difficult if you are moving with children. For those who are currently living in the city, suburban life would be appealing.

In the suburbs, life is fairly easy going and this is mainly due to the fact that there isn’t any type of traffic in the neighborhood and the streets are not busy with an influx of people either. What you do get in this type of neighborhood is a great parking and wide and open living spaces. This means that your nearest neighbor would be a few doors down from where you live.

In addition, suburban life offers you a chance to get one with nature since you have that luxury of having your own garden where you can grow plants and fruits. The perfect places to raise children, homes in the suburbs are very affordable especially when considering the size of the house and land you are likely to get.

If you are thinking about relocating to the suburbs, be prepared to drive to get to some of the stores and places to go shopping. Even if you do not own a car, it would be best to carpool to get the things that you want since public transportation does not always readily available.

For those who plan to be city dwellers, you should be prepared to pay for the high price tag that goes along with the city. This kind of life offers an abundance of clustered buildings, high rises and a myriad of stores which are conveniently located within mere walking distance. Parking is tough when you live in the city and not to mention it is also expensive to live downtown. There is hustle and bustle when you live downtown and the traffic can be somewhat overwhelming.

What most would love about downtown dwelling is the fact that getting around is easy with public transportation.  Rent and apartment rental or buying are not only expensive if you were to compare it with suburbs, but you also do not get a large amount of space for the price. Most people who have moved from suburban areas have had to downsize their style of living and ultimately choose to sell or store their items in storage.

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