Moving Story

When I was in the third grade, my family and I had to pick up everything and leave what I knew as home. My dad had been transferred to a new position in his company. Home to me was Nashville, Tennessee. I grew up playing here with my neighbors in the creek in our backyard and setting up extravagant forts in the woods. In school, there was never a class I disliked. I remember calling all my friends’ landline to see what teacher they were assigned right before the school year started. Even when I did not have old friends in my new class, I quickly adjusted and befriended just about everyone. I think to be able to adjust to a new classroom very easily made my journey to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that much easier.

I remember very vividly the day my mother told me things would be changing. My sister and I were outside playing a board game with my mom while my dad was at work. We were all playing Monopoly on the deck because it was a stunning summer day. When it was my turn in Monopoly, I rolled and purchased “Pennsylvania Avenue.” My mom had made some comment about how fun it would be to move to Pennsylvania which I agreed to without putting much thought into it. A few days later, we were back out on the deck, playing Monopoly again, when my mom told my sister and I that she was not just thinking about visiting Pennsylvania, but instead moving there. She explained the situation but I did not understand the half of it, all I knew is that I would have to leave my friends.

I cried for days. I had no friends in Pennsylvania and had only ever heard of it from geography tests in school. The months leading up to our move were filled with strangers coming in and out of my home. Every time one of these strangers wanted to view our home, my mom would take my sister and me out to run errands while people I had never met were going through my whole childhood. The house sold quickly and then it all became too real. My family hired a moving company and they were here shortly after the house sold. All of my personal belongings were wrapped up in boxes and put in the back of an eighteen wheeler. I would not be seeing them again until we got to Pittsburgh.

After a lengthy car ride with four people and two dogs, I was ready to get out of the car, but I was not ready to make Pittsburgh my home. I walked into an empty house and felt like I did not belong here, but then I saw my room. In third grade, the littlest things made me happy. I saw how big my room was and how many windows it had. It also had a jack in the wall to put a landline in. Although I still missed my friends, this room made it a little better. My first day at my new school was frightening, but it all worked out okay.

Everyone helped me along and being as outgoing as I am, I made new friends in no time. Now ten years later I am still living in the place I thought I would never call home. I never thought it would compare to Nashville. Not only am I still living here, but I plan to start the next chapter of my life here. I plan on attending college and hopefully finding a job here in Pittsburgh, the place I was so reluctant to come to.

My advice to anyone relocating is to not worry. It is going to sound horrible that first day when your family tells you to pack your bags, but it all works out in the long run. I did not come to Pittsburgh by choice, but I am staying here by choice. I plan to make Pittsburgh my home for at least the next four years while I am attending college. Next time I move, I would be more enthusiastic about it. I would not cry or be sad. I would research the new area before I move to see what to expect. I would also see what extracurricular activities my new school offers and how I can get involved. I plan to share my excitement with others because I know that moving is not something you have to dread. Moving can be one of the most rewarding and memorable moments of your life, it all depends on you.