moving story of Rezwana

My first year of law school in Boston, MA was coming to a close, and I knew I wanted to quit and become a teacher. After researching my options, I decided to complete an alternative teacher program in Dallas, TX. Relocating to Dallas was going to be a challenge due to the distance from my current residence. I would be unable to drive the distance alone with my belongings, so I hired a long distance moving company.

Gathering quotes from multiple companies led me to the movers with the best value and the quickest delivery time.  The company was friendly, prompt, and knowledgeable about the moving process and even told me they had several deliveries in my area at that same time.  The representative made me feel comfortable and was in contact every step of the way until the day before the determined delivery.

After calling and emailing the company several times, I was told via text from the driver that they would be running late maybe 2 or 3 days. I tried to call the cell phone number that the text was sent from but received no response.  The day before my items arrived, the company called me to confirm my delivery time at 8:00am but they refused to address the late issue. There was no discount given for the error and I was told that this type of thing happens all the time.

Three days after the originally promised arrival date, my belongings arrived at my apartment in Dallas in worse shape than when I sent them with the movers.  A broken lamp, crushed boxes and a cracked mirror were among the myriad of problems that arrived at my doorstep. Prior to confirming this company as my choice, they informed me that they have insurance just in case items are damaged or lost.  After discussing the damages with the moving company they refused to offer any resolution.  My phone calls were rarely returned and my concerns were met with nonchalant responses.

A few weeks passed with nothing resolved, so I was advised by a friend to research their Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating.  The information I received from the BBB website was disheartening but not shocking after my experience.  This company had a history of complaints and poor business practices that dated back for years.  Several customers shared my same complaints. Furthermore, I filed a complaint with the BBB based on my concerns regarding my damaged property.  Ultimately the issue was never resolved and I incurred the loss of the damages.

The lesson I learned was to do choose a company based on stricter criteria instead of just price. The little amount of money I saved by choosing this company would have covered my damages that I incurred as a result.

Since this move, I have moved a long distance and short distance without the same issues.  I decided to pick moving companies that were recommended from friends that could vouch for the professionalism of the company.

For individuals looking to move, especially long distance, I recommend that you research the companies thoroughly. Initially, my only concern was cost and speed of delivery.  In retrospect, I should have looked for customer reviews that were not on the company website because those were biased.  I wish I had looked up the companies BBB rating and their complaints.  If you plan to move and hire movers, pick a company that has proven a success and is rated by the BBB.