new year

What is the perfect way to ring in the New Year? By moving into a new home where you can get a fresh start on life. If you have intentions of moving in the first month of the New Year, it is best that you start planning now so as to avoid any interruptions along the way. Remember that moving is indeed a big project so if there is a lot of details you must pay attention to as you plan to relocate.

One of the first things that you would do is to locate a moving company. After you have chosen the company that fits your needs you should provide the company and its movers with all your contact numbers so that they are always able to contact you no matter where you are. Moving house can be very unpredictable; there are times when the company may be running late because of reasons beyond their control. This is the time that they would want to reach out to you.

Packing your items would be next on the agenda and this is the task that you should always try to do with great precision as you never want to leave anything behind. Experts would tell you that it is better to pack room by room. We also want to add that it would also be wise to package a special box that would contain all your immediate necessities that you would need when you move to your new home. By packing a box of necessities you would definitely be saving yourself the extra time you would spend fishing out something like let’s say your toothbrush, toilet paper or even light bulbs.

As you pack, remember that the movers are prohibited from taking certain items on the truck for moving. This would include everything from cleaning agents to flammables, ammunition and even aerosol cans. In addition, if you are moving machinery from your home such as a lawnmower, you would need to empty out the fuel before the mower is loaded on the moving truck.

Proper attention and care must also be given to moving your favorite china and mirrors which are undoubtedly two fragile items. There are dish containers that are available for wrapping items such as your beloved china. However, if you do not have such an item then your best bet would be to place the china in newsprint (preferably white) which should then be inserted into a durable type barrel.

You could save yourself some chinaware damage if you were to pack the heavier piece of china at the bottom of the barrel and then pack the lighter ones on top of it. Similarly, when it comes to moving mirrors or even pictures, make sure that you have them well padded and wrapped and placed in a suitable storage.

Finally, you may have some valuable documents or items lying around the home for moving. Your best bet would be to package them and keep them with you in your vehicle for moving. These items usually include jewelry, alcoholic beverages, and even important documents. Therefore you should never entrust it to the movers since most of them are not responsible for repaying or replacing your items.