Moving Story

Last year, my mother and I moved literally down the street in our neighborhood to downsize from a colossal, two-story home to a cozy, ranch-style home.  It may seem like an easy endeavor to move such a short distance, but in reality, it was an arduous task.

To begin with, my mother and I did not have any help moving.  We did not hire anyone because we thought that we could do it all by ourselves, piece of cake!  We tremendously overestimated our abilities.  The move that we planned on taking only two weeks actually took a month.  First, we began by holding a yard sale to earn some extra money on things we did not want to take with us to our new home.

The sale was successful; we sold everything and made about $200.  I highly recommend anyone planning on making a big move to hold a yard sale as well to get rid of clutter and make some spending money.  Next, we gradually boxed up all of our belongings room by room.  In order to keep everything organized, I would suggest that someone take a Sharpie marker and label all of the boxes on two sides and the top so items can be accessed easily at the new home.

Next, we rented a UHAUL truck and loaded every last box into it.  This is where the back-breaking manual labor came in.  With no tools for heavy lifting, and even less muscle, my mom and I struggled through lugging all of our possessions onto the truck.

Knowing what I know now about how difficult that was, I would strongly recommend that someone hire a moving company or a couple of strong men to move their items because people who are not trained at lifting heavy items could get hurt.  Once the boxes were loaded on the truck, we headed toward the temporary storage unit that we rented.  After several trips, we finally moved all of our things into the storage unit.  At the end of that feat, my muscles were so sore and fatigued that I could not bear to move.

We bought the storage unit because we had to wait to move into our new home, the contract was still going through, so we stayed with a family friend for a week or so.  Once the contract went through, my mother and I rented the UHAUL once again and started the whole trek over- this time in reverse.  After we had all of the boxes in the house, we had to unpack.  Unpacking requires an abundance of patience.

To unpack correctly, one must look through at every box and pull out items one by one, putting them in their designated places, while still making sure everything can fit where it needs to go.  A tip for those who are downsizing: only keep items that are of extreme importance because space runs out quickly in a small home.  Finally, when everything was unpacked and put away, the house looked beautiful and my mom and I could not have been prouder of ourselves!

Overall, the moving experience was difficult and painstaking, yet rewarding in the end.  If we could have done anything differently, my mom and I both agree that we would have hired a moving company to do all of the work for us.  I walked away with the knowledge that moving is a tough task, but things like organization and perseverance can be used as a fuel source for the move.  A final, all-encompassing tip I could offer to anyone preparing to move is to be thorough- think and plan ahead for what things are necessary to keep and what is not!  Being thorough is key to an organized, successful move.