moving with parents

Moving back home? Join the club, we have jackets. Moving back home is something that many people have had to do historically, and it seems like it is more common now than ever. Just due to the fact a lot of people move back home though, doesn’t make it any easier. Navigating the relationship with your parents when you move home is a tough journey that requires open communication and understanding from both parties. By following these tips, you’ll make it easier on everyone to get through this short stay back at home.

yoga exercisesDon’t Panic 
Whatever you do, don’t panic. Just like any experience, a lot of how it works out depends on the attitude you have going into it. Take some yoga, learn some breathing exercises and find ways that you can reduce stress and anxiety. It is natural being a little bit upset about losing your full independence, but try to keep a positive attitude about the situation.

Lay the Law Down 
This goes for both sides of the equations. Both you and your parents should sit down to discuss general rules and expectations before any issues come up. This will help avoid any unnecessary future conflicts and compromise on any points of contention.

Discuss Finances 
Figure out exactly how much you are expected to contribute to housing costs. If this interrupts any financial issues you may be trying to deal with before moving back out, bring it up. Chances are your parents are going to give you some leeway if it means getting you out of the nest sooner.

Make A Timeline
Take the time to specifically figure out when you want to leave. This may require running some numbers and educated guessing, but having a rough estimate will put everyone more at ease. It also gives you a little bit of silver lining to look forward to when you get down to living back at home.

items in storage unitConsider A Storage Unit
Chances are that you have acquired a lot of stuff that your parents already have. No one needs two coffee makers, toasters, etc. Think about putting all of those items in a small self-storage unit or a storage area in your parents’ home.

Try To Keep To A Semi-Normal Life
Just because you move home doesn’t mean you have to give up on all aspects of having fun. Try to still hang out with friends, go out and participate in activities that you enjoy. This will also ensure that you are spending plenty of time outside of the house.

Keep Tidy 
Even if your parents are neat freaks, make sure that you keep your own belongings in order. One of the most common disputes between kids and parents are the mess their adult children leave behind. You can avoid this completely by simply cleaning up after yourself.

Show Respect
These are the people that birthed you, so try to respect their position of authority in your life. This doesn’t mean you have to let them steam roll over you on every decision, but try to have some understanding that in their eyes you are still a child. Just using proper manners and common courtesy will get you very far, so don’t slip back into any teenager-like smart Alec behaviors that will make them want you to treat as if you’re in high school again.

Don’t Try To Hide It 
Don’t try to hide from your friends and family that you are staying with your parents. It will only make you more stressed out about the position, because it creates the attitude that you should be ashamed for needing outside help. Instead, just be honest with people, letting them know that it is only temporary, and that you’ll be moving on as soon as humanly possible.

Enjoy Your Time With Your Parents
In a way, moving back in with your parents can be a nice experience. No one’s parents are around forever, and you make look back and cherish the extra time that you got to spend with them. Try to spend quality time of doing activities together, so that you can bond beyond just having to live in some proximity again.