moving armoire

Armoires are attractive in the home but can definitely be a bit challenging to move. With that said it is really better to leave this type of moving jobs to the experts. However, if you are determined to turn this into a do-it-yourself moving project, then read on. To move a large furniture or an armoire you would need lots of padding and tape which would keep your armoire intact by the time you get to the other location.

The first thing that you need to do is to remove all the shelves from the armoire. These shelves are to be bundled with the padding or a blanket and then wrapped tightly with tape. As you wrap the shelves try to keep the adhesive part of the tape from getting on the shelves as much as possible. If the tape accidentally gets on the shelves, it would be difficult to remove so make sure when you are using the tape that it is only applied to the blanket or pad. Once the shelves are wrapped you should take them to the moving truck where they would sit separately from the other parts of the armoire.

Depending on the type of armoire that you own you may have a few removable parts on it which may include doors. If this is the case then they should also be wrapped in a blanket or padding. Even if you leave the doors on remembering to protect the handles and the knobs. Now you are ready to wrap the armoire with excessive padding from its top to the bottom, front and back and the sides also.  The padding should be reinforced with an excessive amount of tape which would also be wrapped tightly.

Even if you have a large armoire and the padding is not providing coverage to the back of the armoire then make sure that you at least cover half the top and bottom as those parts of the armoire can easily be scratched which ultimately can look unsightly.  If your armoire has a glass door then you can protect it with heavy duty cardboard after it has been padded just to further reinforce it. Now that your armoire is packed securely then you are ready to take it to the truck.

Think about getting a shoulder dolly as it would help make your job a lot easier in carrying the armoire from your home to the truck and then to the new house. It would also save you from having back problems due to lifting long after you have moved in.