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There about one million things that we need to think about as moving day approaches, food is usually the last one that crosses people’s mind- unless it involves binge eating ice cream to relieve stress. Managing food properly during the entire process of a move can save us a lot of time and money. Here is a basic guide on how you can make the best out of your food situation during a move.

Figure Out What You Have

moving pantryIt is a good idea to go through your pantry, freezer, fridge and cabinets to figure out what sort of food that you already have. Even make a list of all the items, so that you can reference all of the food that is already in the house.

List What You Want to Use Up

Make a list of all the food that you definitely want to use up before the move. Post the list on the fridge and scratch off items as you go. You can ever make a competition with it if you have kids saying that whoever finishes the most items of the list gets a prize.  

Plan Menus

Keeping in mind all the food that you have and what you want to use up, starting planning out meals that have these foods as ingredients. Try to keep the meals simple to make, so that you don’t end up spending a bunch of time shopping, cooking and cleaning to make the dishes. Slow-cooker recipes are a great way to use up a bunch of ingredients with minimal effort.

Take Lunch to Work/School

lunchIf you have a lot of food to use up, consider use it by bringing lunches to school or work. This will help you make sure that every time you eat, you are working towards your goal of clearing out the food in your house.

Shop Accordingly

Try not to buying anything new or in bulk, so that you don’t end up having to move or throw away a bunch of food come moving day. Whenever you pick up items at the grocery store consider if you really need the item or if it is just an impulse buy.  

Consider a Going Away Party

If you have a bunch of food in stock, consider throwing a going away party before you go. This will help decrease the amount of food you need to move, and you can say goodbye to people if you are actually moving far away.

Give Away Food to Friends, Family or Food Banks

Food is expensive! Just about anyone wouldn’t mind if you brought them a bag full of groceries. If none of your friends or family wants these items, consider donating the items to a food bank.

Don’t Default to Dine Out/Carry Out to Often Before a Move

It can be tempting to eat out a lot before you move to reduce the amount of work you need to do, but the bill for this can add up really quickly. Not to mention, when you first move into your new home, you probably will want to eat out and carry out a lot too. Since we are often more tired after a move then before it saves the luxury of getting carry out until after moving day.

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To stay on a budget check our deals on eating out on Living Social and Groupon to help feed you for when you first arrive at your new home. This will also help you explore the new are that you just moved to.  

Keep Healthy Snacks Around  

Moving is a time when we can let a lot of our healthy habits slip by the wayside. Try to keep around healthy snacks like nuts, fruit, granola and yogurt to help maintain your general health during a move.

Consider How Much Room You’ll Have in Your New Pantry

If you are planning on moving food from your old pantry to your new pantry, make sure that you have enough room in your new pantry. You also can start thinking about what items you may want to stock up on when you move into your new home post-moving day.